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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Earle Richard, after the matter was thus taken vp, went into France with the French king, of whom he was so honoured whilest he was there, that they kept one table at dinner and supper in the daie time, and (as was said) one bed serued them both to sléepe on in the night.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time king Henrie hearing of all this, fell into great suspicion whereto this great fa|miliaritie betwixt the French king and his sonne would tend, and doubting the likeliest, sent for him to returne vnto him.Erle Richard giueth his fa|ther faire words. But earle Richard perceiuing his father to mistrust his loialtie, gaue faire words, and promised to returne with all conuenient spéed. Howbeit he ment an other matter, and so departing from the French court, came to Chinon, where he got into his hands a great portion of his fathers trea|sure that was kept there, against the will of him that had the custodie of it,He seizeth vp|on his fathers treasure. and taking it thus awaie with him, he began to fortifie his castels and townes within his countrie of Poictou, and clearlie refused to come backe to his father for a time, although at length forsaking the counsell of naughtie men, he turned home vnto him, and humblie submitted himselfe, in such wise as to his dutie apperteined. And for the more assurance therof, he renewed his fealtie, in receiuing an oth vpon the holie euangelists. Which doone, king Henrie went into Britaine with an armie, and woone the castell of Mountreleis by siege, which one Henrie de Lions, and one Guine|mer his brother had gotten into their hands, after the deceasse of Geffrey earle of Britaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This yeare the twentie of October, the citie of Chichester was almost wholie consumed to ashes by mischance of fire. The head church with the bishops palace, and the houses of the canons were burnt e|uen downe to the ground. After this king Henrie held his Christmasse at Caen, Anno Reg. 34. 1188 from whence he went to Harfleet,King Henrie returneth into England. and there taking the sea passed ouer into England. The French king hearing by and by of his departure, assembled a great armie, and threatned to destroie the countrie of Normandie, and other lands on that side the sea, except king Henrie would deliuer into his hands the towne of Gisors, with the appurtenances, or cause his sonne Richard earle of Poictou to take to wife his sister Alice, according to his promise.

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