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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare Geffrey the kings son who was earle of Britaine died at Paris,The death of Geffrey the kings sonne. and was buried in the same citie, leauing behind him (besides two daugh|ters) one onlie sonne as then in his mothers wombe, of whom she was deliuered in the night of the feast of Easter next insuing hir husbands death: he was named Arthur, and succeeded his father in the earle|dome of Britaine. His fathers death was occasio|ned (as men iudge) by a fall which he caught at a iour|nie, for he was sore bruised therewith, and neuer had his health, but finallie fell into a flix and so died.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About this season pope Urbane wrote vnto Bald|win archbishop of Canturburie, granting him li|cence to build a church at Alkinton, in honour of S. Stephan and Thomas Becket now reputed a mar|tyr, and that the fourth part of the offerings which came to the box of Thomas the martyr should be as|signed to the vse of the moonks, & an other fourth part to the buildings of that church, and an other fourth part to be giuen to the poore, and the other fourth part remaining he might reserue to himselfe to bestow at his pleasure. But within a while after, at the suit and supplication of the prior and couent of Can|turburie (who liked nothing of the former partition) the pope sent letters of prohibition to the said archbi|shop, that he should ceasse from building of the fore mentioned church, bicause the building therof would be preiudiciall to the church of Canturburie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The ladie Ermengard the vicount Beaumonts daughter, ma|ried to Willi|am king of Scots. About the same time also king Henrie gaue his coosen the ladie Ermengard (who was daughter to Richard Uicount Beaumount) in marriage vnto William king of Scotland, causing the archbishop of Canturburie to ioine them togither in the bond of matrimonie within the chappell at Woodstocke, where he kept great cheere in honour of that marri|age for the space of foure daies togither. And further he gaue at the same time vnto the king of Scots the castell of Edenbourgh:Castell of E|denbourgh. and the king of Scots streit|waies gaue it vnto his wife the forsaid Ermingard, as a portion of hir dower, augmented with an hun|dred pounds of lands by the yeare, and 40. knights fées.

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