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Compare 1577 edition: 1 And whereas the archbishop of Colen came ouer into England this yeare to visit the toome of Tho|mas late archbishop of Canturburie,The archbish. of Colen. the king tra|uelled to make an agréement betwixt him and the Saxonish duke touching a certeine variance depen|ding EEBO page image 108 betwixt them, wherin the king did so much, that the archbishop forgaue all iniuries past, and so they were made fréends. Also by the counsell of the same archbishop the king sent Hugh Nouant archdeacon of Liseux and others,Hugh No|uant. ambassadours from him vnto pope Lucius, that by his helpe there might be made some waie to obteine a pardon for the said duke, and licence for him to returne into his countrie. Those that were sent demeaned themselues so discréetly in dooing their message, that the emperour comming where the pope then was, that is to say, at Uerona in Italie, at the earnest suit of the said pope was contented to release all his euill will which he bare towards the duke,The duke of Saxonie par|doned and re|uoked out of exile. pardoned him for all things past, and licenced him now at length to returne home in|to his countrie, his condemnation of exile being cléerlie reuoked.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 There died this yeare sundrie honorable perso|nages, as Simon earle of Huntington son to Si|mon earle of Northampton, after whose decease the king gaue his earledome vnto his brother Dauid, or (as Radulfus de Diceto saith) bicause the said Si|mon died without issue,Death of No|ble men. the king gaue the earledome of Huntington vnto William king of Scots sonne to earle Henrie that was sonne to king Dauid. Also the earle of Warwike died this yeare, and Thomas Fitz Bernard lord chéefe iustice of the forests, which roome Alaine de Neuill had inioied before him. Now after the death of this Thomas Fitz Bernard, the king diuided his forests into sundrie quarters,The gouerne|ment of the fo|rests diuided. and to euerie quarter he appointed foure iustices, two of the spiritualtie, and two knights of the temporaltie, beside two generall wardens that were of his owne seruants, to be as surueiers aboue all other fore|sters of vert and venison, whose office was to sée that no disorder nor spoile were committed within any grounds of warren contrarie to the assises of fo|rests. Diuerse prelates died this yeare also, as foure bishops, to wit, Gerald surnamed la Pucelle bishop of Chester, Walran bishop of Rochester, Ioceline of Salisburie, and Bartholomew of Excester.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Besides these, diuerse abbats, & on the 16. of Fe|bruarie died Richard archbishop of Canturburie in the 11. yeare after his first entring into the gouern|ment of that sée. His bodie was buried at Cantur|burie. He was noted to be a man of euill life, and wa|sted the goods of that church inordinatlie. It was re|ported that before his death there appeared to him a vision, which said;

Thou hast wasted the goods of the church, and I shall root thée out of the earth.
Where|vpon he tooke such a feare, that he died within eight daies after. Then Baldwin who before was bishop of Worcester succéeded him, he was the 40. archbi|shop that had ruled the church of Canturburie. The king and bishops procured his election not without much adoo: for the moonks pretending a right there|to, were sore against it. It is reported of him, that after he was made a white moonke, he neuer eat flesh to his liues end. On a time an old woman met him, and asked him if it were true that he neuer eat any maner of flesh;
It is true said he. It is false quoth she, for I had but one cow to find me with, and thy seruants haue taken hir from me. Wherevnto he answered, that if it so were, she should haue as good a cow restored to hir by Gods grace as hir [...]wne was.
The same time also Margaret the wife of the late de|ceased king Henrie the son, returned into France to hir brother king Philip, and was after ioined in mariage with Bela king of Hungarie.

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