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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But the king his father hearing his talke, was verie sorrowfull in his mind, and said to the archbi|shop softlie in his eare:

It repenteth me, it repenteth me my lord, that I haue thus aduanced the boy.
For he gessed hereby what a one he would prooue after|ward, that shewed himselfe so disobedient and fro|ward alreadie. But although he was displeased with himselfe in that he had doone vndiscréetlie, yet now when that which was doone could not be vndoone, he caused all the Nobles and lords of the realme, togi|ther with the king of Scots and hi [...] brother Dauid, to doo homage vnto his said sonne thus made fellow with him in the kingdome: but he would not release them of their oth of allegiance, wherein they stood bound to obeie him the father, so long as he li [...]d.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ Howbeit some write that he renounc [...] his estate, first before all the lords of the land, and after caused his sonne to be crowned: but in such vncer|teine points set foorth by parciall writers, tha [...] is to be receiued as a truth, which is confirmed by the or|der and sequele of things after doone and put in pra|ctise. For true it is, that king Henrie the father (so long as his son [...]e liued) did shew himselfe [...] as fellow with his sonne in gouernment, and some|time as absolute king: and after his sons decease, he continued in the entier gouernment, so long as he liued. But to procéed.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The French king hearing that his sonne in law was thus crowned,The French king offended. and not his daughter the wife of Henrie the sonne, was highlie offended there|with, and threatned to make war against king Hen|rie the father, except his daughter Margaret might receive the crowne also as quéene immediatlie.

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