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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now whereas king Stephan was the cause of all the troubles, in hauing vsurped an other mans right|full inheritance, it pleased God to mooue his hart at length to desire peace which he had euer before abhor|red. The cause that mooued him chéefelie to change his former purpose, was for that his sonne Eustace by speedie death was taken out of this world (as be|fore you haue heard) which losse séemed great not one|lie to the father, but also to all those lords and others which had alwaies taken his part, bicause he was a yoong man so well liked of all men, that he was iud|ged to be borne to much honour. But his wife Con|stance tooke his death verie sorowfullie,The ladie Constance wife to Eu|stace sent home. and the more indeed, for that she had no issue by him, wherevpon shortlie after she was sent honourablie home to hir father king Lewes with hir dower, and other rich and princelie gifts.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Stephan séeing himselfe thus depriued of his onlie sonne, vnto whom he minded to leaue the kingdome which he so earnestlie sought to confirme and assure vnto him by warlike endeuor, and that a|gaine the French kings aid would not be so readie as heretofore it had béene (wherevpon he much stai|ed, now that the bonds of affinitie were abolished) he began at length (though not immediatlie vpon his sonnes deceasse) to withdraw his mind from war,K. Stephan began to in|cline his mind to peace. Matth. Paris. and bequeashed it wholie to peace. Which alte|ration being perceiued, those Nobles that were glad to sée the state of their countrie quieted, did their best to further it; & chéeflie Theobald archbishop of Canturburie trauelled earnestlie to bring the princes to some agréement, now talking with the king, now sending to the duke, and vsing all means possible to set them at vnitie. Ger. Dor. The bishop of Win|chester also, who had caused all the trouble, vpon con|sideration of the great calamities wherewith the land was most miserablie afflicted, began to wish an end thereof. Wherevpon the lords spirituall and temporall were called togither at Winchester a|about the latter end of Nouember, that they with their consents also might confirme whatsoeuer the king and the duke should conclude vpon.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 An assemblie of lords at Winchester.Thus was a publike assemblie made in the citie of Winchester, whither also duke Henrie came, who being ioifullie receiued of the king in the bishops pa|lace, they were made freends, the king admitting the duke for his sonne, and the duke the king for his fa|ther, insomuch that the agreement, which (through the carefull sute of the archbishop of Canturburie) had beene laboured with such diligence to good effect,A peace con|cluded betwixt the king and the duke. was now confirmed: the cheefe articles whereof were these.

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