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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare also was the battell of Monadmore fought in Ireland,The battell of Monadmore. where the flower and chiefest per|sonages of Mounster and Leynister were slaine. Moreouer one Iohn, a moonke of Sagium, Matth. Paris. The second & also the first bishops of Man. was made the second bishop of the Ile of Man: the first bishop that was there instituted hight Wimond a moonke of Sauinie, who for his importunate misde|menour in some respects, had his eies put out, and was displaced.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Iohn Papirio a cardinall, Hen. Marle. being sent from the pope as legat into Ireland, ordeined foure archbi|shops there, one at Dublin, an other at Ardmach, the third at Cassels, and the fourth at Connach. The sée of Dublin he changed into an archbishops sée,The bishop of Dublin made archbishop. one Gregorie at that time possessing the same: to whom he gaue the first and chiefe pall, and appointed the church of the blessed Trinitie to be church metropo|litane. As this cardinall passed through England, he receiued an oth of fealtie vnto king Stephan.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The same yeare also king Stephan by siege and force of assault did win the castell of Newberie not far from Winchester.The castell of Newberie won. This doone he went to Wal|lingford, and besieging the castell, he builded at the entring of the bridge a fortresse to stop them within from issuing out, and likewise from receiuing any reliefe or succour by their fréends abroad. The defen|dants perceiuing themselues so hardlie laid at, sent to the duke of Normandie (in whose name they kept that castell) desiring him either to succour them, or else giue them licence to yéeld vp the castell to the king. Herevpon duke Henrie hauing dispatched his businesse on the further side of the sea, began to be kindled with a feruent desire once againe to at|tempt his fortune here in England for recouerie of that kingdome, and so with three thousand footmen,Duke Henrie Fitzempresse returneth into England. & 7. score horssemen, with all spéed possible failed o|uer into England, where he landed about the 12. daie in Christmasse. He was no sooner arriued, Ger. Dor. but a great number of such as tooke part with his mother came flocking in vnto him: wherevpon being now furnished with a great and puissant armie, he mar|ched foorth to Malmesburie,He besiegeth the castell of Malmesbury. Matth. Paris. Polydor. where in the castell was a great garison of soldiers placed by king Stephan. Duke Henrie planted his siege about this castell the thirtéenth daie of Ianuarie, and enforced himselfe to the vttermost of his power to win it.

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