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Compare 1577 edition: 1 As the king began (after his libertie obteined) to prouide for warres, Matth. Paris. Earle Robert passeth ouer into Nor|mandie. so earle Robert (after he was discharged) sailed ouer into Normandie, taking with him the sonnes of diuerse Noble men who fauo|red the empresse, whome he deliuered to hir husband the earle of Aniou to be kept as pledges, & earnestlie besought him to passe ouer into England with an armie to aid the empresse.Normandie woone by the earle of An|iou. Howbeit bicause he was newlie intred into the conquest of Normandie, and had alreadie won the most part thereof, he thought good to make first an end of his warres there, ha|uing somewhat to doo against certeine rebels of his owne countie of Aniou, which did not a little molest him. But he recouered (whilest the earle of Gloce|ster was there with him) Alney, Mortaigne, Te|nerchbray, and diuerse other places perteining chief|lie to the earle of Mortaigne: about the same time al|so they of Constances submitted themselues vnto him. Thus the earle of Aniou being occupied in those parties, could not well come into England.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wil. Malm. Earle of Glo|coster retur|neth.Wherevpon the earle of Glocester came backe a|gaine himselfe, and bringing with him somewhat lesse than foure hundred men of armes (imbarked in 52. ships) landed with the same at Warrham, and besieged the castell there, which his enimies had won out of his hands whilest he was absent in Norman|die. Ger. Dor. In the end they that were within it (vnder the gouernment of Herebert de Lucy) fell to agreement by composition, that if they were not succoured by a certeine time, they should deliuer the castell vnto the earle. Wil. Malm. King Stephan himselfe the same time held a siege before Oxford, within the which he had inclosed the empresse, as hereafter shalbe shewed: so that they within the castell of Warrham had no succour sent vnto them, and therefore (according to the articles of their composition) they yeelded vp the hold, after erle Robert had lien three wéekes before it.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This castell being thus woone, earle Robert sub|dued also such as kept the Ile of Portland,The Ile of Portland. Circester. and had fensed it after the maner of a fortresse: afterwards he came to Circester, and there assembled all those that fauoured the part of the empresse, meaning with all conuenient spéed to go to Oxford, & there to giue battell to king Stephan, if he would abide it. Who after his deliuerance from captiuitie, had assembled a great host of men,The empresse besieged in Oxford. and comming to Oxford, where the empresse then laie, suddenlie besieged hir, before she looked for him. And to the end also that he might compell the townsmen to yeeld, or else kéepe them from entring which would come to their succors, he ranged abroad into the countrie with part of his ar|mie, wasting all afore him by fire & sword. This siege continued almost two moneths, in maner from his deliuerie in the beginning of Nouember, vntill Christmasse immediatlie following: in somuch that through lacke of vittels they within the towne be|gan to raise mutinies. The empresse therefore doub|ting the sequele, and séeing hir prouision to decaie, deuised a shift how to escape that present danger, which by force she was vnlikelie to performe.

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