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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Hauing thus passed through all the south parts of the realme on that side,Shée cõmeth to London. she finallie came to London, where the citizens welcomed hir in most ioifull and hartie maner. Now being come to London, and con|sulting with those of hir councell for the quieting of the whole state of the realme, queene Maud wife to king Stephan (for so she was also called) made humble suit vnto hir to haue hir husband set at li|bertie,The quéene sueth to the empresse for the deliuerie of hir husband promising that he should resigne his whole claime and title into hir hands, and content himselfe with a priuate life. But hir suit was so farre off from being granted, that she was reiected and cast off with reprochfull words. Wherevpon she conceiued a most high displeasure, and vnderstood well inough; that peace was to be purchased by force of armes onelie, and not by any other meanes: insomuch that with all diligence she sent to hir sonne Eustace (then be|ing in Kent) & willed him to prepare an armie, which he did most spéedilie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 It chanced at the same time that the citizens of London made great and laborious suit vnto the said empresse, that they might haue the lawes of king Edward the Confessour restored, and the straight lawes of hir father king Henrie abolished. But for so much as they could get no grant of their petition, and perceiued the empresse to be displeased with them about that importunat request,The Londo|ners conspire to take the empresse. wherein onelie she ouershot hir selfe, they deuised how and by what meanes they might take hir prisoner, knowing that EEBO page image 54 all the Kentishmen would helpe to strengthen them in their enterprise. But reckoning with hir selfe that

Nil p [...]terit propera tutius esse fuga,
And being warned thereof, she fled by night out of the citie,Shée fled in the night time out of the citie. and went to Oxenford, determining to be reuenged vpon hir aduersaries when time should serue hir turne. Herewith she began to wax more displeased both against those Nobles whom she kept in prison, & other also whom she troubled, but name|lie king Stephan, whom she commanded to be loden with yrons, and serued with verie slender diet.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 N. Triue [...]. Now when she had thus fled out of London, which was about the feast of the natiuitie of S. Iohn Bap|tist, the tower of London was besieged, which Geffe|rey de Mandeuile held,Geffrey de Mandeuile. and valiantlie defended. The same Geffrey rushing out on a time, came to Ful|ham,The bishop of Londõ taken. where he tooke the bishop of London then lodg|ing in his manor place, being one of the contrarie faction.

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