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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Now yer he had all made an end of his words, the batels were readie to ioine, they met with great noise of trumpets and other instruments, and the fight began with a verie sore and cruell slaughter. Hard it was in the beginning to gesse who should haue the better. Matth. Paris. Hen. Hunt. The wing of the disherited men ouerthrew and bare downe their aduersaries, which were led by the duke of Britaine, and the forenamed earles. On the contrarie part, the earle of Albemarle and William de Ypres put the Welshmen to flight, but by the earle of Chester and his retinue, the same earle and William de Ypres were fiercelie assailed afresh, and put out of order. Thus was the kings side put to the worse, W. Paru. Hen. Hunt. namelie his horssemen, who being placed in the forefront, and there ouermatched, fell to galoping. Which thing when the king beheld, he was not yet any whit therewith abashed, but like an har|die captein (as he was no lesse indéed) comforted his footmen whom he had about him, and rushing vpon his enimies, bare them downe, and ouerthrew so manie as stood before him, so that with the point of his weapon he made himselfe waie. His footmen, who were but a few in number to the multitude of his enimies, Polydor. counteruailed in all points the prowes and manlike dooings of their king and capteine, in|somuch that few battels had beene better fought, nor with greater slaughter on both sides, if the kings fore ward (which in maner at the first shranke backe and was disordered, not without some supicion of treason) had staied the brunt of the enimies a while, as it had béene requisite. At length the king encoun|tring with the earle of Chester, being ouercharged with multitude, was taken prisoner by one William de Cahames.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Earle Baldwine, Simon Dun. Hen. Hunt. who had made the oration in the kings behalfe, was also taken, after he had fought valiantlie and receiued manie sore wounds: like|wise Richard Fitzvrse, who on that daie had shewed good proofe of his manhood, and had giuen and recei|ued manie a sore stripe. To conclude, Matth. Paris. all those that abode with the king, and namelie all the footmen were taken prisoners, those which were slaine in the place excepted. W. Paru. This battell was fought in the sixt yeare of king Stephans reigne, vpon Candlemas daie, being sundaie, as Niger saith.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king being apprehended and brought to the empresse lieng at Glocester, Polydor. The king led to Bristow. was commanded by hir to be conueied in safetie vnto Bristow, where he was kept as prisoner from that time of his taking, vntill the feast of All saints next ensuing. Not long after this field fought, as ye haue heard, Geffrey earle of Aniou husband to the empresse, W. Paru. receiuing ad|uertisement of this victorie atchiued in England, foorthwith inuaded Normandie, inducing all the No|bles of the countrie to incline vnto him: for by pub|lishing the captiuitie of king Stephan, it was easie for him to come by the possession of the same.

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