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Compare 1577 edition: 1 There came ouer vnto him also a great number of Flemings and Britons to serue him as souldiers,The resort of strangers to serue king Stephan. whom he reteined, to be the stronger and better able to defend himselfe against the malice of the em|presse, by whom he looked to be molested he wist not how soone. Wherefore he shewed himselfe verie libe|rall, courteous, and gentle towards all maner of persons at the first, and (to saie truth) more liberall, familiar, and free harted than stood with the maiestie of a king: which was afterward a cause that he grew into contempt. ¶ But to such meanes are prin|ces driuen, that atteine to their estates more through fauour and support of others, than by any good right or title which they may pretend of themselues. Thus the gouernement of this prince at the beginning was nothing bitter or heauie to his subiects, but full of gentlenesse, lenitie, courtesie, and mildnes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Polydor. Howbeit whilest these things were a dooing, cer|teine of the English Nobilitie, abhorring both the king and the present state of his gouernment, went priuilie out of the realme into Scotland to king Dauid, declaring vnto him what a detestable act was committed by the lords of England, in that (contra|rie to their oth made vnto the empresse Maud, and hir issue) they had now crowned Stephan. Where|fore they besought the said king to take in hand to reuenge such a vile iniurie practised against hir, and to restore the kingdome vnto the said empresse, which if he did, it should be a thing most acceptable both to God and man.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Dauid hauing heard and well weied the ef|fect of their request,The king of Scots inua|deth the En|glish marshes. Sim. Dunel. Matt. Paris. Polydor. foorthwith was so mooued at their words, that in all possible hast he assembled an ar|mie, and entring into England, first tooke the citie and castell of Carleil: afterward comming into Northumberland, he tooke Newcastell, and manie o|ther places vpon the borders there. Whereof king Stephan being aduertised, streightwaies assembled a power, and foorthwith hasted into Cumberland, meaning to recouer that againe by force of armes, which the enimie had stolen from him by craft and subtiltie. At his approch néere to Carleil,K. Stephan encamped néere to his enimie the K. of Scots. he pitched downe his field in the euening, thinking there to staie till the morning, that he might vnderstand of what power the enimie was, whome he knew to be at hand.

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