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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The same day that he arriued in England, there chanced a mightie great tempest of thunder horrible to heare,A tempest. Matth. West. and lightning dreadfull to behold. Now bi|cause this happened in the winter time, it séemed a|gainst nature, and therefore it was the more noted as a foreshewing of some trouble and calamitie to come.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This Stephan began his reigne ouer the realme of England the second day of December, in the yere of our Lord 1135. in the eleuenth yeare of the empe|rour Lothair, the sixt of pope Innocentius the se|cond, and about the xxvij. of Lewes the seuenth, sur|named Crassus king of France, Dauid the first of that name then reigning in Scotland, & entring in|to the twelfe of his regiment. He was crowned at Westminster vpon S. Stephans day, Matth. Paris Wil. Mal. Simon Dun. by William archbishop of Canturburie, the most part of the No|bles of the realme being present, and swearing feal|tie vnto him, as to their true and lawfull souereigne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Howbeit, there were diuerse of the wiser sort of all estates, which regarding their former oth, could haue béene contented that the empresse should haue gouerned till hir sonne had come to lawfull age; not|withstanding they held their peace as yet, and con|sented vnto Stephan.Periurie pu|nished. But this breach of their othes was worthilie punished afterward, insomuch that as well the bishops as the other Nobles either died an euill death, or were afflicted with diuerse kinds of calamities and mischances, and that euen here in this life, of which some of them as occasion serueth shall be remembred hereafter. Wil. Malm. The bishop of Salisburies protestation. Yet there were of them (and namelie the bishop of Salisburie) which protested that they were frée from their oth of allegi|ance made to the said empresse, bicause that without the consent of the lords of the land she was maried out of the realme, whereas they tooke their oth to re|ceiue hir for queene, vpon that condition, that with|out their assent she should not marrie with any per|son out of the realme.

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