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Compare 1577 edition: 1 His stature.He was strong of bodie, fleshie, and of an indiffe|rent stature, blacke of haire, and in maner bald be|fore, with great and large eies, of face comelie, well countenanced, and pleasant to the beholders, special|lie when he was disposed to mirth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 His vertues.He excelled in three vertues, wisedome, eloquence, and valiancie, which notwithstanding were somewhat blemished with the like number of vices that reig|ned in him;His vices. as couetousnesse, crueltie, and fleshlie lust of bodie. His couetousnesse appeared, in that he sore oppressed his subiects with tributes and impositi|ons. His crueltie, in that he kept his brother Robert Curtehose in perpetuall prison, and likewise in the hard vsing of his coosine Robert earle of Mortaigne, whome he not onelie deteined in prison, but also cau|sed his eies to be put out: which act was kept secret till the kings death reuealed it. And his fleshlie lust was manifest, by kéeping of sundrie women.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 His wisdome.But in his other affaires he was circumspect, in defending his owne verie earnest and diligent. Such wars as might be auoided, with honourable peace he euer sought to appease; but when such iniuries were offered as he thought not meet to suffer, he was an impatient reuenger of the same, ouercomming all perils with the force of vertue and manlie courage,His manlie courage. shewing himselfe either a most louing fréend, or an extreame enimie: for he would subdue his foes to the vttermost, and aduance his fréends aboue mea|sure.

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