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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Not long after, or rather before (as by Wil. Mal|mes. it should séeme) king Henrie passed ouer into Normandie, from whence (this being the last time of his going thither) he neuer returned aliue. And as it came to passe, he tooke ship to saile this last iournie thither, euen the same daie in which he had afore time receiued the crowne.An eclipse. On which daie (falling vpon the wednesdaie and being the second of August) a won|derfull and extraordinarie eclipse of the sunne and moone appeared, in somuch that Wil. Malmes. who then liued, writeth that he saw the starres plainlie a|bout the sunne at the verie time of that eclipse. On the fridaie after such an earthquake also happened in this realme,An earth|quake. that manie houses and buildings were ouerthrowne. This earthquake was so sensible, or rather so visible, that the wall of the house wherein the king then sat, was lift vp with a double remoue, & at the third it setled it selfe againe in his due place. Moreouer at the verie same time also fire burst out of certeine riffes of the earth, in so huge flames, that neither by water nor otherwise it could be quenched.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the 34. yeare of his reigne, his brother Ro|bert Curthose departed this life in the castell of Car|diff. Matth. Paris. Matth. West. Anno Reg. 35. It is said that on a festiuall daie king Henrie put on a robe of scarlet, the cape wherof being streict, he rent it in striuing to put it ouer his head: and per|ceiuing it would not serue him, he laid it aside, and said; Let my brother Robert haue this robe, who hath a sharper head than I haue. Which when it was brought to duke Robert, and the rent place not sow|ed vp, he perceiued it, and asked whether any man had worne it before. The messenger told the whole matter, how it happened. Wherewith duke Robert tooke such a greefe for the scornefull mocke of his bro|ther, that he waxed wearie of his life, and said; Now I perceiue I haue liued too long,The deceasse of Robert Curthose. that my brother shall cloth me like his almes man with his cast and rent garments. Thus cursing the time of his natiui|tie, he refused from thencefoorth to eat or drinke, and so pined awaie, and was buried at Glocester.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie remaining still in Normandie, rode round about a great part of the countrie, shewing no small loue and courtesie to the people, studieng by all meanes possible to win their fauours, and bring merie amongst them. Howbeit nothing reioised EEBO page image 45 him more, than that his daughter Maud the empresse at the same time was deliuered of hir second sonne named Geffrey, so that he saw himselfe prouided of an assured successour.

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