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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About this season a great part of Flanders being drowned by an exundation or breaking in of the sea, Polydor. Ran. Higd. a great number of Flemings came into Eng|land, beséeching the king to haue some void place as|signed them,Flemings cõ|ming ouer in|to England, haue places appointed them to in|habit. wherein they might inhabit. At the first they were appointed to the countrie lieng on the east part of the riuer of Twéed: but within foure yeres after, they were remooued into a corner by the sea side in Wales, called Penbrokeshire, to the end they might be a defense there to the English against the vnquiet Welshmen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶It should appeare by some writers, that this mul|titude of Flemings consisted not of such onelie as came ouer about that time by reason their countrie was ouerflowne with the sea (as ye haue heard) but of other also that arriued here long before, Wil. Malm. euen in the daies of William the Conqu [...]rour, through the freendship of the quéene their countriewoman, si|thens which time their number so increased, that the realme of England was sore pestered with them: wherevpon king Henrie deuised to place them in Penbrokeshire, as well to auoid them out of the o|ther parts of England, as also by their helpe to tame the bold and presumptuous fiercenesse of the Welsh|men. Which thing in those parties they brought ve|rie well to passe: for after they were setled there, they valiantlie resisted their enimies, and made verie sharpe warres vpon them, sometimes with gaine, and sometimes with losse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the yeare 1108. Anselme held an other synod or councell, whereat in presence of the king, A counc [...]ll. Sim. Dunel. Eadmerus. Anno Reg. 9. and by the assent of the earles and barons of the realme it was ordeined.

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