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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Gemeticensis sheweth breeflie, that king Henrie was offended with his brother duke Robert, Gemeticensis. for ali|enating the duchie of Normandie his inberitance, & for wasting his reuenues with such riotous demea|nour as he vsed, so that he left himselfe nothing but the citie of Roan, which he had not passed to haue gi|uen awaie also, if the citizens would thereto haue granted their consent. The king (I saie) taking dis|pleasure herewith, went ouer into Normandie, and assuming a mightie power, first besieged Baieur, & then halfe destroieng it, he tooke it by force. After this he tooke Caen also, and then besieged a castell called Tenerchbray perteining to the earle of Mortaigne, during which siege his brother Robert, and the said earle of Mortaigne came with a great multitude of people in hope to be reuenged of the king, and to chase him out of the countrie. But the punishment of God fell so vpon them, that they were both taken, and manie of their freends with them, as Robert de Estoutuille, William de Crispine, and others, who were brought before king Henrie as prisoners. ¶ Thus did almightie God grant vnto the king a no|table victorie without bloodshed, for he lost not a man: as for his aduersaries, there died in the field not past three score persons.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Wil. Malm. This séemeth also to agrée with that which Wil. Malmesburie writeth: for he saith, that king Henrie with small adoo brought into his hands duke Robert, who with a great troope of men came against him then lodging néere the said castell of Tenerchbray. The earle of Mortaigne was also taken,Robert de Belesme. but the erle of Shrewsburie escaped by flight, notwithstanding he was apprehended, as he went about to practise some priuie conspiracie against the king. ¶ This battell was fought (as the same Wil. Malme. affirmeth) vpon a saturdaie,The 27. of September chro. de Nor. being the daie of S. Michaell In gloria, and (as may be thought) by the prouident iudg|ment of God, to the end that Normandie should be subdued vnto England on that daie, in the which 40. yeares passed, king William the Conquerour first set foot on land at Hastings, when he came out of Normandie to subdue England. Simon Dun. Neither dooth Si|mon Dunelmensis varie in any thing from Geme|ticensis touching the conclusion of this businesse, and the taking of duke Robert.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 These wars being thus finished, and the countrie set in quiet, which through the méere folie of duke Ro|bert was woonderfullie impouerished, the king re|ceiued the keies of all the townes and castels that belonged either to the duke or the earle of Mor|taigne, and furnished the same with garisons to be kept for his behoofe. Hauing thus pacified the coun|trie of Normandie, he came to Bec or Bechellou [...]n, Matth. West. where archbishop Anselme then remained, whome by mediation of freends he receiued to fauour againe,Anselme re|turneth home. and sending him ouer into England, immediatlie after followed himselfe.

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