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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king being now rid of forren trouble, was shortlie after disquieted with the seditious attempts of Robert de Belesme earle of Shrewsburie, Simon Dun. Robert de Belesme earle of Shrews|burie. sonne to Hugh before named, who fortified the castell of Bridg [...]north, and an other castell in Wales at a place called Caircoue, and furnished the towne of Shrewsburie, with the castels of Arundell & Ticke|hill (which belonged to him) in most substantiall ma|ner. Moreouer he sought to win the fauour of the Welshmen, by whose aid he purposed to defend him|selfe against the king in such vnlawfull enterprises as he ment to take in hand. But the king hauing an inkeling whereabout he went, straitwaies proclai|med him a traitor, wherevpon he got such Welshmen and Normans together as he could conuenientlie come by, with whom and his brother Arnold, he en|tred into Staffordshire, which they forraied and wa|sted excéedinglie,Stafford wasted. bringing from thence a great bootie of beasts and cattell, with some prisoners, whom they led foorthwith into Wales, where they kept them|selues as in a place of greatest safetie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king in the meane time with all conuenient spéed raised a power, first besieging the castell of A|rundell,Arundell ca|stell besieged. and then planting diuerse bastillions before it, he departed from thence, and sending the bishop of Lincolne with part of his armie to besiege Ticke|hill,Bridgenorth besieged. he himselfe went to Bridgenorth, which he enui|roned about with a mightie armie made out of all parts of his realme: so that what with gifts, large promises, and fearefull threatnings, at the last he al|lured to his side the fickle Welshmen, and in such wise wan them, that they abandoned the earle, and tooke part against him. Anno Reg. 3. Wherevpon the king within 30. daies subdued all the townes and castels (which he held) out of his hands,The earle of Shrewsburie banished the realme. and banished him the relme, and shortlie after confined his brother Arnold for his traitorous demeanour vsed against him, whereby their attempts were brought vnto an end.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 A synod of bishops. Eadmerus. After this, at the feast of saint Michaell, Anselme archbishop of Canturburie held a councell at West|minster, whereat were present the archbishop of Yorke, the bishops of London, Winchester, Lin|colne, Worcester, Chester, Bath, Norwich, Roche|ster, and two other bishops latlie elected by the king, namelie, Salisburie and Hereford:Abbats & pri|ors [...]epriued. the bishop of Ex|cester was absent by reason of sicknesse.

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