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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After he had thus brought the common-wealth in so good estate, he consulted with his Nobilitie Wil. Mal [...] Polydor. where he might best get him a wise, and thereby leaue vn|lawfull EEBO page image 29 companie keeping with concubines: which demand was not misliked at all. Herevpon they considered that Edgar king of Scotland had a sister named Maud, a beautifull ladie, and of vertuous conditions, who was a professed nunne in a religi|ous house, to the end she might auoid the stormes of the world, and lead hir life in more securitie after hir fathers deceasse. This gentlewoman, notwithstan|ding hir vow, was thought to be a meet bedfellow for the king: wherefore he sent ambassadors to hir brother Edgar, requesting that he might haue hir in mariage. But she refusing superstitiouslie at the first to breake hir professed vow, would not heare of the offer: wherewithall king Henrie being the mor [...] inflamed, sent new ambassadors to moue the case in more earnest sort than before, in so much that Edgar, vpon the declaration of their ambas|sage, set the abbesse of the house (where then she a|bode) in hand to persuade hir, who so effectuallie and diuerslie telling hir how necessarie, profitable, & ho|norable the same should be both to hir countrie and kinred, did so preuaile at the last, that the yoong ladie granted willinglie to the mariage. Herevpon she was transported into England, and wedded to the king, who caused the archbishop Anselme to crowne hir queene on S. Martins daie, which fell vpon a sundaie, being the eleuenth of Nouember.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 ¶It should séeme by Eadmerus, that she was neuer nunne, but onelie veiled by hir mother, and placed a|mongst nunnes against hir will (as she protested to the whole world) at such time as archbishop Anselme refused to solemnize the mariage betwixt them, till that doubt were cleared, and the occasion remoued, wherevpon euill disposed men would haue surmised ilfauoredlie, and reported the worst. Howbeit whe|ther she were professed, or veiled onelie, loth she was to consent at the first (as partlie ye haue heard) but after that she was coupled with the king in mariage, she prooued a right obedient wife.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 About this season the archbishop of Uienna came ouer into England with the popes authoritie (as he pretended) to be legat ouer all Briteine,The archbi|shop of Uien|na the popes legat. which was strange newes vnto England, and greatlie woonde|red at (as Eadmerus saith) of all men. For ithad not beene heard of in England before that time, that any person should supplie the popes roome, except the arch|bishop of Canturburie.He is not re|ceiued for le|gat. And so he departed as he came, for no man receiued him as legat, neither did he exercise anie legantine authoritie. Not long after, the king sent ambassadours to Rome, about a suit which he had against the archbishop Anselme, for that he denied not onelie to doo him homage, but also would not consecrate such bishops and ecclesiasticall gouernours as he vndertooke to inuest. Touching which matter no small trouble arose, as hereafter shall appeere.

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