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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer, to increase the suspicion which men had of his infidelitie, it is written,King William suspected of infidelitie. that he caused a dispu|tation to be kept betwixt the Iewes & the christians, promising that if the Iewes ouercame the christians in argument, he would be a Iew: but the Iewes be|ing ouercome, and receiuing the foile, would not confesse their errors, but alledged, that by factions (and not by reason) they were put to the worse. How|beit, what opinion soeuer he had of the Iewes faith, it appéereth by writers that he doubted in manie points of the religion then in credit. Eadmerus. For he sticked not to protest openlie, that he beléeued no saint could profit anie man in the Lords sight, and therefore neither would he nor anie other that was wise (as he affirmed) make intercession, either to Peter,Praieng to saincts. or to anie other for helpe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 He was of stature not so tall as the common sort of men, red of haire,His stature. Whereof he tooke his sur|name Rufus. whereof he tooke his surname Rufus, somwhat big of bellie, and not readie of toong, speciallie in his anger, for then his vtterance was so hindered, that he could scarselie shew the conceits of his mind: he died without issue, and vsed concu|bines all the daies of his life. I find that in apparell he loued to be gaie and gorgeous, & could not abide to haue anie thing (for his wearing) estéemed at a small valure. Wherevpon it came to passe on a morning, when he should pull on a new paire of hose, Wil. Malm. he asked the groome of his chamber that brought them to him what they cost? Thrée shillings saith he;

Why thou hooreson (said the king) dooth a paire of hose of thrée shillings price become a king to weare? Go thy waies, and fetch me a paire that shall cost a marke of siluer. The groome went, and brought him another paire, for the which he paid scarselie so much as for the first. But when the king asked what they stood him in, he told him they cost a marke: and then was he well satisfied, and said; Yea marie, these are more fit for a king to weare, and so drew them vpon his legs.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this kings daies Iohn bishop of Welles ioi|ned the monasterie of Bath vnto his see,Couentrie church ioined to the sée of Chester. and re|pairing the same monasterie, began to inhabit there in the yeere 1094. The church of Couentrie was in like sort ioined vnto the sée of Chester by Robert bi|shop of that diocesse. Woolstan bishop of Worcester died about the same time, and Anselme hauing pur|chased bulles of pope Paschall, wherein was contei|ned an admonition vnto king William to desist from his gréeuous oppressing of the church, and to a|mend his former dooings, was now on his returne towards England, and by the waie heard of the kings death. Hugh earle of Chester in this kings daies builded the abbeie of Chester, and procured An|selme (afterwards archbishop of Canturburie) to come ouer from Normandie, that he might direct the same abbeie, and place such religious persons as were necessarie and conuenient for so good a founda|tion.

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