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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Indéed we find not that any of the bishops held with Anselme in the controuersie betwixt him and the king, Ranulph bishop of Chichester excepted, who both blamed the king, and rebuked all such bishops as had refused to stand with Anselme, and fauoured the king in cases concerning the foresaid variance. Moreouer, the same bishop of Chichester withstood the king and his officers in taking fines of préests for the crime of fornication;Ranulfe bi|shop of Chi|chester. by reason of which presumpti|on, the king became sore offended with him, & found meanes to suspend many churches of his diocesse. Howbeit in the end, the bishop demeaned himselfe in such wise, that he had his owne will, and his church doores were opened againe, which had béene stopped vp before with thornes.Finess of préests that had wiues as by some wri|ters it séemed. Besides this, the king was contented, that the said bishop should haue the fines of préests in crimes of fornication within his dio|cesse, and enioy many other priuileges in right of his church. But how beneficiall so euer he was vnto the see of Chichester, Polydor. true it is (as Polydor writeth) that he let out diuers abbeies, and the bishoprike of Win|chester and Salisburie, with the archbishoprike of Canturburie vnto certeine persons that farmed the same at his hands for great summes of monie, in so much that (beside the said sees of Canturburie, Win|chester, and Salisburie, which at the time of his death he kept in his hands) he also receiued the profits of eleuen abbeies which he had let out, or otherwise tur|ned to his most aduantage.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Robert Lo|saunge. Ran. Higd. Wil. Malm. Robert Losaunge, of some called Herbert, that sometime had bin abbat of Ramsey, and then bishop of Thetford by gift of a thousand pounds to the king (as before ye haue heard) repented him, for that he was inuested by the king, who after he had bewailed his offense, went to Rome, and did penance for the same in all points as the pope enioined him. Which being doone, he returned into England, remoouing yer long his sée from Thetford to Norwich, where he founded a faire monasterie of his owne charges, and not of the churches goods (as some say) wherein is a doubt, considering he was first an abbat, and after a bishop.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Stephan Har+ding a moonke.About this time, by the meanes of Stephan Har|ding a Monke of Shireborne, an Englishman, the order of Cisteaux or white moonkes had his begin|ning within the countrie of Burgongne, as witnes|neth Ranulph the moonke of Chester: Ran. Higd. Iacobus Phi|lippus Beri|gonias. but other wri|ters (as Iacob. Philippus) say that this Stephan was the second abbat of that place, and that it was foun|ded by one Robert abbat of Molmense, in the yeare of Grace 1098. This order was after brought into England by one called Walter Espeke, who foun|ded the first abbeie of that religion within this relme at Riuall, Anno Reg. 13. 1100 about the yeare of Grace 1131.

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