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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Anselme considering their request to be iust and necessarie, granted to fulfill their desires, and so vpon examination had of the man, and taking of him his oth of obedience, according to the maner, he conse|crated the same Malchus,Malchus consecrated bishop of Wa|terford. and so ordeined him to rule the church of Waterford as bishop. This was d [...]one at Canturburie the 28. day of October, Rafe bishop of Chichester, and Gundulfe bishop of Rochester hel|ping Anselme in the consecration as ministers vnto him in that behalfe. The said Malchus was a monke, EEBO page image 23 and sometime vnder Walkhelme bishop of Win|chester.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But to the purpose, king William after his re|turne into England, remembring what damage he had susteined two yéeres before at the hands of the Welshmen, determined eftsoones to inuade their countrie, and therefore doubling his power, com|meth into the marshes,The king eft|soones inua|deth the Welshmen. Polydor. pitcheth his field, and consul|teth with his capteines what order he were best to vse in that his enterprise, for the taming of his eni|mies. The Welshmen hearing of the kings approch, and that his armie was farre greater than the last which he brought into their countrie, fell to their woonted policie,The Welsh|men with|draw into the woods. H. Hunt. and got them into the woods, there to lie in wait, trusting more to the aduantage of starting holes, than to their owne force & puissance.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When the king vnderstood their practise, he set ar|med men in diuers places, and builded towers and fortifications to defend him and his, bicause he durst not assaie to enter into wild and wast grounds where he had béene hindred and damnified before that time, hoping by this meanes in stopping vp the waies and passages of the countrie, to bring the rebels to more subiection. But when this policie was found by proofe to wearie the kings souldiors rather than to hurt the enimies, which straieng vp and downe in the woods intrapped oftentimes the Normans and English, in taking them at aduantage, the king without brin|ging his purpose to any good effect, departed home into England. Simon Dun. R. Houed. After this, he sent Edgar Etheling with an armie into Scotland, that he might place his coosine Edgar the sonne of king Malcolme in the gouernement of that kingdome, and expell his vncle Duffnald, who had vsurped the same.

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