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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Howsoeuer the truth of the storie dooth stand in this behalfe, certeine it is, that the king returned out of Northumberland into the west parts of the realme, reteining still with him duke Robert, who looked dailie when he should performe such coue|nants as were concluded vpon betwixt them in their late reconciliation. But when he saw that the king meant nothing lesse than to stand to those arti|cles, and how he did onlie protract and delaie the time for some other secret purpose, he returned into Nor|mandie in great displeasure, and tooke with him the said Edgar Etheling, of whom he alwaies made ve|rie great account. Soone after king William re|turned into the north parts, and (as it chanced) he staied a few daies about Carleil, where being deli|ted with the situation of the towne (which had beene destroied by the Danes two hundred yeares before) he set workemen to repaire the same (meaning to vse it in steed of a bulworke against the Scots on those west borders) which when he had fensed with walles,The repai|ring and new peopling of Carleil. and builded a castell in the most conuenient place thereof, he caused churches and houses to be e|rected for the benefit of such people as he had deter|mined to bring vnto the same. This being doone, he placed a colonie of southren men there with their wiues and children, and gaue large priuileges vnto the towne, which they inioy at this daie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 ¶ Here haue I thought good to aduertise you of an error in Matth. West. crept in either through mispla|cing the matter by means of some exemplifier, Matth. West. either else by the authors mistaking his account of yeares, as 1072. for 1092. referring the repairing of Carle|il vnto William Conquerour, at what time he made a iournie against the Scots in the said yeare 1072. And yet not thus contented; to bewraie the error more manifestlie, he affirmeth, that the king exchan|ged EEBO page image 20 the earledome of Chester with Rafe or Ranulfe de Micenis, aliàs Meschines, for the earledome of Carleil, which the said Meschines held before, and had begunne there to build and fortifie that towne: whereas it is certeine that Ranulfe de Meschines came to enioy the earledome of Chester by way of inheritance, as after shall appeare. For better proofe whereof ye shall vnderstand, that we find by ancient records, how one Hugh Lou or Lupus enioied the earledome of Chester all the daies of the Conqueror, and long after, which Hugh was sonne to Richard earle of Auranges and the countesse Emma daugh|ter of a noble man in Normandie named Herlow|in, who maried Arlet the daughter of a burgesse in Falois, and mother to William Conquerour. So that the said Hugh, being sisters sonne to the Con|queror, receiued by gift at his hands the earldome of Chester, to hold of him as fréelie by right of the sword, as he held the realme of England in title of his crowne. For these be the words: Tenendum sibi & haeredibus ita liberè ad gladium, sicut ipse (Rex) totam tenebat Angliam ad coronam.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Earle Hugh then established in possession of this earledome, with most large priuileges and fréedoms, for the better gouernement thereof, ordeined vn|der him foure barons; namelie, his cousine Nigell or Neal baron of Halton,Foure ba|rons, Nigell or Neal, Piers Mal|banke, sir Piers Malbanke baron of Nauntwich, sir Eustace

Eustace whose sur|name we find not.

Warren Uer|non.

baron of Mawpasse, and sir Warren Uernon baron of Shipbrooke. Ni|gell held his baronie of Halton by seruice, to lead the Uauntgard of the earles armie when he should make any iournie into Wales; so as he should be the foremost in marching into the enimies countrie, and the last in comming backe: he was also conesta|ble and marshall of Chester. From this Nigell or Neal,The Lacies. the Lacies that were earles of Lincolne had their originall. When earle Hugh had gouerned the earledome of Chester the terme of 40. yeares, he de|parted this life, in the yeare 1107. He had issue by his wife Armetrida, Richard the second earle of Chester after the conquest; Robert, abbat of Saint Edmundsburie: and Otnell, tutor to the children of king Henrie the first. Moreouer, the said earle Hugh had a sister named Margaret, that was maried to Iohn Bohun, Iohn Bohun. who had issue by hir, Ranulfe Bohun, otherwise called Meschines, which Ranulfe by that meanes came to enioy the earledome of Chester in right of his mother (after that earle Richard was drowned in the sea) and not by exchange for the earle|dome of Carleil, as by this which we haue alreadie recited may sufficientlie be prooued.

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