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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The said king William had by Maud his wife the daughter of Baldwine earle of Flanders, foure sonnes, Robert surnamed Curthose (vnto whome he bequeathed the duchie of Normandie) Richard who died in his youth, William surnamed Ru [...]s, to whom he gaue by testament the realme of England, and Henrie surnamed Beauclerke for his cunning, knowledge and learning, vnto whom he bequethed all his treasure and mooueable goods, with the posses|sions that belonged to his mother. Hen. Marle. Besides these foure sonnes, he had also by his said wife fiue daugh|ters, Cecilie, who became a nunne; Constance, who was married to Alane duke of Britaine: Adela, who was giuen in mariage to Stephan earle of Blois (of whom that Stephan was borne which reig|ned after Henrie the first) Adeliza, who was promised in mariage to Harold king of England (as before you haue heard) but she died yer she was maried either to him, or to any other, and so likewise did the fift, whose name I cannot reherse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But to conclude, Iohn Rou [...]. though king William held the English so vnder foot, that in his daies almost no Englishman bare any office of honor or rule in his time, yet he somewhat fauoured the citie of London, and at the earnest sute of William a Norman then bishop of that see, he granted vnto the citizens the first charter, which is written in the Saxon toong, sea|led with greene wax, and expressed in viij. or ix. lines at the most, exemplified according to the copie, and so printed, as followeth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Williem king grets Williem Bisceop & Godfred Porterefan, & ealle ya Burghwarn binnen London Frencisce, & Englise frendlice, & Ic kiden eoy, yeet ic wille yeet git ben ealra weera lagayweord, ye get weeran on Eadwerds daege kings. And ic will yeet aelc child by his fader yrfnume, aefter his faders da|ege. And ic nelle ge wolian, yeet aenig man eoy ae|nis wrang beode. God eoy heald.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wilhelmus rex salutat Wilhelmum Episcopum, & Goffri|dum Portegrefium, & omnem Burghware infra London Frans. & Angl. amicabiliter. Et vobis notum facio, quòd ego volo quòd vos sitis omni lege illa digni qua fuistis Edwar|di dicbus regis. Et volo quòd omnis puer sit patris sui haeres post diem patris sui. Et ego nolo pati quòd aliquis homo ali|quam iniuriam vobis inferat. Deus vos saluet.

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