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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This Liulfus, a man of great possessions through England, now that the Normans ruled in all pla|ces, quietlie withdrew himselfe vnto Durham, and grew into such familiaritie and credit with the bi|shop, that touching the order of temporall matters, he would doo nothing without his aduice. Whereat Leofwin the bishops chapline conceiued such enuie (for that he was not so often called to counsell as be|fore) that in the end he procured by his malicious meanes one Gilbert (to whom the bishop had com|mitted the rule of the earledome) to murther the said Liulfus by night in his manor place not farre from Durham. Whereof the bishop hauing vnderstan|ding, and knowing that the matter would be grée|uouslie taken of the people, sent out letters and mes|sengers into the countrie, offering to purge him|selfe of the slaughter of this man, according to the order of the canon lawes: howbeit he did nothing lesse. Among other things concerning his purgati|on, he said that he had banished Gilbert and others, (who had committed the murther) out of Northum|berland. Hervpon the malice of the people was kind|led against him. For when it was knowne that he had receiued the murtherers into his house, and fa|uoured them as before, they stomached the matter highlie: insomuch that when by the trauell of those that went to and fro betwixt the bishop and the kins|folks of Liulfus, a daie was appointed, on the which the bishop should come to farther communication with them at Gateshead, he repaired thither accor|ding to his promise, but refusing to talke with them abroad, he kept himselfe still within the church, and sent foorth such of his counsell as should commune with them. But when the people that were there ga|thered in great numbers, had signified in plaine words that he should either come foorth and shew him|selfe amongst them, or else that they should fire the place where he sat: he caused Gilbert to go foorth vnto them first, whom they slue, and his partakers also that issued out of the church with him for his de|fense. But when the peoples furie was not so quen|ched, the bishop himselfe casting the skirts of his gowne ouer his face, came likewise foorth, and was immediatlie slaine of the people. After this, they set the church on fire, bicause Leofwine the bishops chapline and others were yet within, and refused to EEBO page image 13 come foorth: howbeit in the end, being compelled by the rage of the fire to come out, the said Leofwine was also slaine and hackt in péeces (as he had well deserued) being the ringleader of all the mischéefe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Note the se|quele of the neglect of iu|stice in the [...]ormer storie.¶ Thus maie we sée what followed of the neglecting of iustice in the bishop: for if he had either banished Gilbert and other his complices (accordinglie as he pretended to doo) or otherwise had séene due punish|ment executed against them, the peoples rage had neuer proceeded so far as it did: for they could not persuade themselues, but that the bishop was guiltie and priuie to Liulfus death, sith he had receiued the murtherers into his house, the verie same night in which the fact was doone, and kept them still about him, which his bearing with them cost him his owne life. But now to the historie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 When bishop Odo was come into those parties to reuenge the bishops death with an armie (as we haue said) he sore afflicted the countrie, by spoiling it on euerie side with great crueltie. Here king Wil|liam placed and displaced diuerse rulers ouer the Northumbers: for first he appointed one Copsi to haue the rule of that countrie, Sim. Dunel. in place of Marchar who before had held the same. This Copsi expelled Osulfe the sonne of earle Edulfe brother to earle Al|dred,Copsi. which Osulfe was substitute vnto the earles Edwine and Marchar, who although he was driuen out of his gouernement by Copsi, yet recouering his forces againe, he slue the same Copsi as he en|tred into the church of Newburne. But within a few moneths after, the same Osulfe (as he ran with his horsse against a theefe) was thrust through the bodie with a speare, which the theefe held in his hand, and so died. Then Gospatrike was assigned by king Wil|liam to haue the gouernement there:Gospatrike. whose mother Aldgitha was daughter to Uthred sometime earle of Northumberland begotten vpon Elfgiua the daugh|ter of king Egelred.

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