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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 At the same time the castell of Maidens, now called The castell of Maidens is left of the Picts. commonlie Edenbourgh castell, was still kept with a mightie garrison of Picts, but they hearing of the miserable destruction of Camelon, and doubting to fall into the like mischance, left the castell void, and fled to Northumberland. Thus ended the kingdome of the Picts in Albion, in the yéere after they first be|gan to reigne therein 1173, and in the yéere after the birth of our Sauior 839, from the first comming 839. 1421. H. B. 6038. H. B. of Ferguse 1166, and after the creation of the world 4806, if the Scotish chronicles be true. ¶ But where|as the truth concerning the time of the first com|ming into this Ile, aswell of the Scots as Picts re|steth daubtfull, and that aswell by authoritie of ap|prooued writers, as by reasonable coniectures, we haue in the historie of England more largelie writ|ten thereof; we referre those that be desirous to see further of that matter, vnto the same, following here in this historie of Scotland the report most an end, as we find it in Hector Boetius, and other the Sco|tish writers, not taking vpon vs so frankelie to set downe our owne opinion in this Scotish, as in the English historie, through want of such helpes in the one, as we haue got in the other.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 There were séene the same yeere two comets or Prodigious tokens séene in the aire. blasing starres of dreadfull aspect to the beholders, the one went before the sunne rising in haruest sea|son, and the other followed the going downe thereof in the spring of the yéere. There was oftentimes al|so séene in the aire a vision of firie armies, running togither with burning staues, and the one being vanquished, they suddenlie both of them vanished a|way. Also at Camelon, as the bishop was at seruice holding his crosier staffe in his hand, it was kindled so with fire, that by no meane it could be quenched, till it was burnt euen to ashes. About noone daie, the aire being faire and cleare, as well in the countries of the Scots as of the Picts, there was heard such a noise and clattering of weapons and armor, with braieng of horses, as though two armies should haue béene togither in fight, whereby manie of either na|tion which heard it, were put in great feare. These The interpre|tation of thess tokens. vncouth woonders were interpreted by diuinors di|uerslie: some of them affirming the same to betoken ioy and happie prosperitie, and other alledging, how they signified rather mishap and vtter calamitie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But to returne to our purpose. King Kenneth ha|uing thus destroied the Pictish kingdome, togither almost with the whole nation, caused the marble stone (which Simon Breke sometime brought out of Spaine into Ireland, and the first Ferguse out of The marble stone is remo|ued from Ar|gile into Gou|rie, in the place called Scone. Ireland into Albion, as before is recited) to be brought now foorth of Argile (where till that time it had béene diligentlie kept) into Gourie, which regi|on before apperteined to the Picts, there to remaine from thencefoorth as a sacred token for th' establish|ment of the Scotish kingdome in that countrie: he placed it at Scone vpon a raised plot of ground there, bicause that the last battell which he had with the Picts was fought neare vnto the same place, the victorie (as before is specified) chancing to the Scots. Upon this stone (as before is rehearsed) the Scotish kings were vsed to sit, when they receiued the inue|sture of the kingdome. ¶ Some writers haue re|corded that by commandement of Kenneth, at the same time when this stone was thus by him remoo|ued, those Latine verses were grauen vpon it, where|of mention is made before, where we spake of the a|foresaid Ferguse the first his comming ouer foorth of Ireland into Albion there to reigne.

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