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Wherevpon is inferred the historie of Scotland, conteining the beginning, increase, proceeding, continuance, acts, and gouernement of the Scotish nation, from the originall thereof vnto the yeare 1571, gathe|red and written in English by Ra|phaell Hollindshead: and conti|nued from 1571, to 1585, by o|thers.

Cum priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis.

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To the Right worshipfull Maister Thomas Secford Esquire and Maister of the Requests, William Harison wisheth all knowledge of God, with dailie increase of his gifts at this present, and in the world to come life euerlasting.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 _HAuing by your singular curte|sie receiued great help in my description of the riuers & streames of Britaine, and by conference of my trauell with the platforms of those few shires of England which are by your infinite charges alre|die finished (as the rest shall be in time by Gods helpe, for the inestimable be|nefit of such as inhabit this Iland) not a little polished those rough courses of diuers waters not exactly before time described by Le|land our countrieman, or any ancient writer, I could not deuise a|ny thing more agreeable with mine abilitie and your good nature (which greatlie fauoureth any thing that is doone for a commo|ditie vnto many) than to shew some token of my thankefulnesse for these your manifold kindnesses, by the dedication of my sim|ple translation of the description of Scotland at this time vnto your worship.

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