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The lord Fitzwaters being lord deputie, after a short time of his being there, was sent for into Eng|land. And in in his absence, sir Henrie Sidneie 1555 Sir Henrie Sidneie and Corwen lords iustices. then treasuror at warres, and doctor Corwen, were for a time ioint lords iustices: but verie shortlie af|ter, a commission was sent to sir Henrie Sidneie to be sole lord iustice, and so continued alone vntill the lord Fitzwaters, now earle of Sussex, came againe and resumed his former office of deputie. After that he was come ouer, he had somewhat to doo with the Oneile. For the whole north part of Ireland be|gan The Oneile and all the north be vn|quiet. to be vnquieted, and for preuenting of sundrie inconueniences, which might grow by the Scotish Ilanders in aiding the said Oneile, the lord depu|tie made a iourneie and voiage into the said Iles, to ioine them into his friendship. In his absence, he constituted sir Henrie Sidneie lord iustice; but after that he had doone his businesse, he returned a|gaine to Dublin, where he remained and continued in his office vntill the death of quéene Marie, and then he passed ouer into England, and left sir Hen|rie 1556 Sir Henrie Sidneie lord iustice the fourth time. Sidneie to be lord iustice now the fourth time. And after some time spent there, and quéene Elisa|beth now setled in the imperiall crowne of Eng|land, she sent ouer the said earle as lieutenant of 1557 The earle of Sussex lord lieutenant. The Oneile taken and kept in prison. Ireland to performe those seruices, which before he had taken in hand: who did verie great good ser|uice against the Irishrie, and by meanes he tooke the Oneile, and kept him prisoner in the castell of Dublin: but yet before he could or did bring the same to perfection, he was reuoked into England, and left the land in a verie broken state; which was committed to sir Nicholas Arnold, & he was made 1564 Sir Nicho|las Arnold lord iustice. lord iustice. But his gouernement being not well liked, choise was made by hir maiestie and the councell of sir Henrie Sidneie, now knight of the 1565 Sir Henrie Sidneie lord deputie. honorable order of the garter, to supplie that place, who then was lord president of Wales.

This man had béene before a long seruitour in that realme, hauing for sundrie yeares béene trea|suror at warres, which is the second office vnder the lord deputie in that land; as also had béene lord iu|stice solie and iointlie foure times. Great was his knowledge, wisedome, and experience both of that land, and of the nature, manners, and disposition of the people: wherein the more he excelled anie others in those daies, the more apt and fit was he to haue the gouernement of them. He was therefore called from out of Wales, where he then resided in his go|uernement vnto the court: and there after confe|rence Sir Henrie Sidneie lord president of Wales. had with hir highnesse, and with the councell; he was appointed to be lord deputie of Ireland, be|ing the seuenth yeare of hir maiesties reigne, in the yeare of our Lord 1565. And then he receiued of hir maiestie a booke of instructions signed with hir A booke of ar|ticles deliue|red to sir Hen|rie Sidneie for his go|uernement. owne hand, dated the fist of October 1565, the seuenth yeare of hir reigne aforesaid, concerning the principall articles for his gouernement & direc|tion, which chieflie consisted in these points.

First, that there should be a bodie of a councell established, to assist him being lord deputie, in the A councell to be established. gouernement of the same realme in times of peace and of warre; and whose names were then particu|larlie set downe: and order giuen, that euerie of Euerie coun|cellor to be sworne. them should before their admission be sworne by the said lord deputie, according to the accustomed man|ner: with an exhortation, that for somuch as hir maiestie had reposed a speciall trust and confidence in their wisedomes, aduises, good counsels, and ser|uices: he the lord deputie should vse their aduises, assistance, and counsels in all matters of treatie and consultation, concerning the state of that realme.

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