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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 This earle of good meaning, to vnite the houses in friendship, matched his sister Margaret Fitzgi|rald Piers Butler and Marga|ret Fitzgirald espoused. with Piers Butler earle of Ossorie, whome he also helped to recouer the earldome of Ormond, into the which, after the decease of the earle Iames, a ba|stard Butler had by abatement intruded. Great and EEBO page image 84 manifold were the miseries the ladie Margaret su|stemed, hir husband Piers Butler being so egerlie pursued by the vsurper, as he durst not beare vp hed, but was forced to houer and lurke in woods and for|rests. The noble woman being great with child, and vpon necessitie constreined to vse a spare diet (for hir onelie sustenance was milke) she longed sore for wine, and calling hir lord, and a trustie seruant of his, Iames White vnto hir, she requested them both Iames white to helpe hir to some wine, for she was not able anie longer to indure so strict a life. Trulie Margaret, quoth the earle of Ossorte, thou shalt haue store of wine within this foure and twentie houres, or else thou shalt féed alone on milke for me.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The Next daie following, Piers hauing intelli|gence that his enimie the base Butler would haue trauelled from Donmore to Kilkennie, notwithstan|ding he were accompanied with six horssemen: yet Piers hauing none but his lackie, did forestall him in the waie, and with a couragious charge gored the The bastard Butler slaine. bastard through with his speare. This prosperous calme succéeding the former boisterous storme, the ladie Margaret began to take heart, hir naturall stoutnesse floted, as well by the remembrance of hir noble birth, as by the intelligence of hir honorable match. Kildare all this while kept in authoritie, not|withstanding the pushes giuen against him by se|cret heauers that enuied his fortune, and sought to nourish the old grudge, was at length by their priuie packing fetched vp to the court of England by com|mission, Kildare sent for into Eng|land. and caused him to be examined vpon di|uerse interrogatories touching the affaires of Ire|land.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 He left in his roome Maurice Fitzthomas of Lac|kragh Maurice Fitzthomas lord iustice. Su [...]e lord lieutenant of Ireland. 1521 A parlement holden at Dublin. lord iustice: and shortlie after came ouer lord lieutenant Thomas Howard earle of Surreie, who was after duke of Norffolke, grandfather to the last duke, accompanied with two hundred yeomen of the crowne: before whome, shortlie after his repaire thither, there was a parlement holden at Dublin, in which there past an act, that all wilfull burning of corne, as well in réekes in the fields, as also in villa|ges and townes, should be high treason. Item, an act against loding of woolles & flor, vpon paine of for|feiture of the double value of the same, the one halfe to the king, and the other halfe to him that will sue therefore. Item, that anie person seized of lands, rents, or tenements in possession or in vse, vnto the yearelie value of ten markes aboue the charges, in fee simple, fée taile, or for terme of life, copie hold, or ancient demeane, shall passe in euerie atteint. While the lord lieutenant sat at dinner in the castell, of The Moores in rebellion. Dublin, he heard news that the Moors with a maine armie were euen at the entrie of the borders, readie to inuade the English pale. Immediatlie men were Iohn Fitz|simons. leuied by Iohn Fitzsimons then maior of Dublin, and the next morrow ioining them vnto his band, the lieutenant marched towards the frontiers of Leix.

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