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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The last article against him they conceiued in these tearmes; Finallie all Ireland can not rule this earle. No? quoth the king: then in good faith shall this earle rule all Ireland. Thus was that accusation [...] retur| [...] [...]. turned to a ieast. The earle returned to his countrie lord deputie, who (notwithstanding his simplicitie in peace) was of that valour and policie in war, as his name bred a greater terror to the Irish, than other mens armies. In his warres he vsed for policie a [...]ces poli| [...] [...]. retchlesse kind of diligence, or a headie carelesnesse, to the end his souldiors should not faint in their at|tempts, were th'enimie of neuer so great power. Be|ing generall in the field of Knocktow, where in effect all the Irish rebels of Ireland were gathered against the English pale, one of the earle his capteins pre|sented him a band of Kerns, euen as they were rea|die to ioine battell, and withall demanded of the erle in what seruice he would haue them imploied? Marie (quoth he) let them stand by and giue vs the gaze. Such was his courage, that notwithstanding his enimies were two to one: yet would he set so good a face on the matter, as his souldiors should not once suspect, that he either néeded, or longed for anie fur|ther helpe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Hauing triumphantlie vanquished the Irish in that conflict, he was shortlie after, as well for that, as other his valiant exploits, made knight of the 1514 garter: and in the fift yeare of Henrie the eight in that renowme & honour he died, wherein for the space of manie yeares he liued. No maruell if this successe were a corsie to the aduerse part, which the longer it held aloofe, and bit the bridle, the more egerlie it follo|wed the course, hauing once got scope and roome at will, as shall be hereafter at full declared. Ormond bearing in mind the treacherie of the Dublinians, The Dubli|nians accused. procured such as were the grauest prelats of his cler|gie, to intimate to the court of Rome the heathenish riot of the citizens of Dublin, in rushing into the church armed, polluting with slaughter the consecra|ted place, defacing the images, prostrating the re|liks, rasing downe altars, with barbarous outcries, more like miscreant Saracens, than christian catho|likes. Wherevpon a legat was posted to Ireland, A legat sent from Rome. bending his course to Dublin, where soone after hee was solemnelie receiued by Walter Fitzsimons, archbishop of Dublin, a graue prelat, for his lerning Walter Fitz|simons. and wisedome chosen to be one of king Henrie the seuenth his chapleins, in which vocation he continued twelue yeares, and after was aduanced to be archbi|shop of Dublin.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The legat vpon his arriuall indicted the citie for his execrable offense: but at length, by the procure|ment as well of the archbishop as of all the cleargie, he was weighed to giue the citizens absolution with Penance in|ioined to the citizens of Dublin. this caueat, that in detestation of so horrible a fact, and Ad perpetuam rei memoriam, the maior of Dublin should go barefooted thoroughout the citie in open procession before the sacrament, on Corpus Christi daie: which penitent satisfaction was after in euerie such procession dulie accomplished. Girald Fitzgi|rald, sonne and heire to the aforesaid erle of Kildare, The earle of Kildare lord deputie. was shortlie after his fathers decease constituted lord deputie of Ireland, before whome in the seuenth yeare of Henrie the eight, there was a parlement A parlement holden at Dublin. holden at Dublin, wherein it was established, that all such as bring out of England the kings letters of priuat seale, for particular causes against anie of the king his subiects in Ireland, should find sufficient suerties in the king his chancerie in Ireland; to bée bound by recognisance, that the plaintife shall satis|fie the defendant, that purgeth or acquiteth himselfe of the matter to him alledged, for his costs and da|mages susteined by such wrongfull vexation. This noble man being valiant and well spoken, was no|thing inferior to his father in martiall prowesse, cha|sing in the time of his gouernment the familie of the Tooles, battering Ocarrell his castels, and bringing in awe all the Irish of the land.

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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Suche was hys courage, that notwithſtan|ding his enimies were two [...] one, yet woulde hee ſeere ſo good a face on the matter, as hys Souldyers ſhoulde not once ſuſpect, that hee ey|ther needed, or longed for any further help.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Hauing triumphantly vanquiſhed the Iriſhe in that conflict, hee was ſhortly after, as well for that, as other his valiãt exploytes, made knight of the garter,1514 and in the fifth yeare of Henry the eyght in that renowme and honoure hee dyed, wherein for the ſpace of manye yeares hee lyued.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 No maruayle if this ſucceſſe were a corſy to the aduerſe part, which the longer it held aloofe, and bit the bridle, the more egerly it followed the courſe, hauing once gote ſcope and roomth at wyll, as ſhall bee heereafter at full decla|red.