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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But now after I had continued the historie, and inlarged it out of Giraldus Cam|brensis, Flatsburie, Henrie of Marleburgh, and other, till the yeare 1509, in which that famous prince Henrie the eight began his reigne; some of those that were to bestow the charges of the impression, procured a learned gentleman maister Ri|chard Stanihurst, to continue it from thense forward as he saw occasion, being fur|nished with matter to inlarge the worke, whereof for those latter times I found my selfe vtterlie void, more than that which Campion had deliuered. What I haue EEBO page image 3 doone heerein, your honors discretion shall easilie conceiue. For the imperfection sith it is the first that hath beene set foorth in print, I craue most humblie pardon of your good lordship, beseeching you rather to respect my good will than the per|fectnesse of the worke, which (the wants considered) for the orderlie furnishing thereof, is not to be looked for in the skilfull, much lesse in me the meanest of all, and least able to performe it. Hauing presented the right honourable the earle of Leicester with the historie of Scotland, to whom (as I haue heard) Campion made dedication of his booke, I could not remember me to whome I might more conue|nientlie offer this my trauell in this historie of Ireland, than to your lordship, be|ing hir maiesties lieutenant in that realme. And therefore in most humble wise I ex|hibit the booke to your honour, beseeching the same to beare with my bold at|tempt therein, and to receiue it in good part from him that wished to haue more amplie satisfied your good lordships expectation, if abilitie might haue answered good will. Thus I beseech the Lord to guide your heart in his holie waies, & to fur|nish you with politike prudence and skilfull knowledge to gouerne in your estate and office, so as your dooings may redound to his glorie, the suertie of hir ma|iesties dominion there, your owne aduancement in honour, and conse|quentlie to the sure support and peaceable quietnesse of the true and loiall subiects of that realme.

Your honours most humble to command, RAPHAEL HOLINSHED.

EEBO page image 4

¶ The authors out of whom this historie of Ireland hath beene gathered.

    Compare 1577 edition: 1
  • Giraldus Cambrensis.
  • Flatsburie.
  • Henricus Marleburgensis.
  • Saxo Grammaticus.
  • Albertus Crantz.
  • Rogerus Houeden.
  • Guilielm. Paruus Nouoburgensis.
  • Polychronicon, siue Ranulfus Higeden.
  • Iohannes Bale.
  • Edmund Campion.
  • Records and rolles diuers.

The contents of the chapters following in the description of Ireland.

  • 1 The names of Ireland, with the com|passe of the same, also what shires or counties it conteineth, the diuision or partition of the land, and of the language of the people. Chap. 1.
  • 2 Of the nature of the soile and other incidents. Chap. 2.
  • 3 The names of the ciuities, boroughs, and hauen towns in Ireland. Chap. 3.
  • 4 Of the strange and woonderfull pla|ces in Ireland. Chap. 4.
  • 5 Of the lords spirituall of Ireland, their names and dignities. Chap. 5.
  • 6 The lords temporall, as well Eng|lish as Irish, which inhabit the coun|trie of Ireland. Chap. 6.
  • 7 The names or surnames of the lear|ned men and authors of Ireland, and what bookes they wrote. Chap. 7.
  • 8 The disposition and maners of the meere Irish, commonlie called the wild Irish. Chap. 8.

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