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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Burnel of Balgriffen ſeeing all go to wrack,Burnell of Balgriffen ta|ken and exe|cuted. fled to Mounſter, where hee was taken by the Lorde Butler Vicecount Thurles, and being conueied to England was executed at Tiburn.Trauerſe executed. Doctor Trauerſe, who was left as hoſtage with the Citizens, was by them deliuered to the Lord Deputie,Roukes exe|cuted. and after with Roukes the Pirate exe|cuted at the gallowes on Oſtmantowne greene.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Walter Dela|hyde and his Ladie Gennet Euſtace ap|prehended.Sir Walter Delahyde knight and his wife the Ladie Gennet Euſtace, were apprehended, and brought as priſoners by maiſter Brabſon Vicetreaſorer from their towne of Moyclare to the Caſtell of Dublin, bycauſe theyr ſonne and heyre Iames Delahyde was the onely bruer of all this rebellion, who as the gouernour ſuſ|pected, was ſet on by his parents, and namely by his mother.

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