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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Citizens aunſwer theſe articles.The Maior and Aldermen hauing ripely de|bated the tenour of theſe Articles, agreed, that maiſter Fitz Simons their Recorder, ſhould an|ſwere to the firſte, that they would not ſticke, to ſet his ſeruaunts at libertie, ſo he woulde redeli|uer them the youth of the Citie which was no|thing elſe in effect, but tit for tat.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 As for the ſeconde and thirde demaunde, they were ſo greatly by his warres empoueriſhed, as they myght hardly ſpare money or wares: and as touching implementes for warre, they were neuer ſuch fond niddicockes, as to offer any mã a rodde to beate their owne tayles, or to betake their maſtiues to the cuſtodie of the Woolues, maruelling much, that their Captayne woulde ſo farre ouerſhoote himſelfe, as to bee taken with ſuch apparant repugnancie. For if hee intended to ſubmitte himſelfe to the King his mercy, and to make them humble meanes to his highneſſe for the obteining of his pardon, he ought rather to make ſute for ſome good vellam parchmente for the ingroſſing thereof, than for munitiõ and artillerie to withſtande his Prince: wherefore that three vnlawfull demaundes reiected, they would willingly condiſcend to the firſt and laſt, as well requeſting hym to deliuer them the youth of the Citie, as to ſubmitte himſelfe and his company to the King his mercy, promiſing not only with their fauourable letters, but alſo with their perſonall preſences to further, as far as in them lay, hys humble ſure to the King and Counſell.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 William BathAs they parled thus too and fro, William Bath of Dollardeſtowne, a Student of the cõ|mon lawes ſpake: My maiſters, what needeth all thys long circumſtance, lette vs all drynke of one cuppe, whiche wordes were ſhortly after vpon Skeffington his arriuall, ſo crookedly glo|zed, as by drinking of a ſoure cuppe, hee loſt the beſt ioynte of hys body. For albeit vpon his try|all, hee conſtrued his wordes to importe an vni|forme conſente, towards the obteyning of Fitz Giralde hys pardon, yet all this coulde not cou|loure hys matter in ſuche wiſe, but that hee and Euſtace of Balicutlan,Euſtace of Balicutlan. wer executed at the Ca|ſtell of Dublin.

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