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Compare 1587 edition: 1 That eſpyed the Citizens, and gathe|ring the faintneſſe of his Souldyers thereby, blazed abrode vppon the walles triumphante newes, that the King hys army was arriued, and as it hadde bin ſo in deede,The Citizens bicker with the Rebelles. ſuddaynely to the number of foure hundred, ruſhed out at the newe gate through flame and fyre vppon the Rebelles, who at the firſt ſighte of armed men, weening no leſſe, but the trueth was ſo, other|wiſe aſſured, that the Citie woulde neuer dare to reencounter them, gaue grounde, forſooke theyr Captaynes, diſperſed and ſcattered in|to dyuers corners, theyr Falcon taken, an hun|dred of their ſtouteſt galloglaſſes ſlayne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thomas Fitz Giralde fledde to the grey Fri|ers in Sainte Frauncis his ſtreete,Thomas Fitz Girald fleeth. there coucht that nyghte, vnknowen to the Citie, vntyll the next morning, hee ſtale priuily to his armye not farre off, who ſtoode in wonderfull feare, that he was apprehended.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thomas hys courage by thys late ouer|throwe, ſomewhat cooled, and alſo beeyng aſ|ſuredly tolde, that a fleete was eſpyed a farre off, bearyng full ſayle towardes the coaſt of Irelande, hee was ſoone entreated, hauyng ſo manye irons in the fyre, to take egges for hys money: and wythall, hauyng no forrayne ſuccoure, eyther from Paulus tertius, or Charles the fyft, whyche dayly hee expected, hee was ſore quayled, beeyng of hymſelfe, though ſtrong in number of Souldyers, yet vnfurniſhed of ſufficiente munition and artillerie, to ſtande and wythſtande the Kyng hys army in a pitcht fielde, or a mayne battaile.

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