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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Kildare was open and playne, hardly able to rule hymſelfe when hee were moued, in anger, not ſo ſharp as ſhort, being eaſily diſpleaſed, and ſooner appeaſed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Being in a rage with certayne of his ſeruãts, for faultes they committed, one of hys horſemẽ offered maiſter Boyce (a Gentleman that retey|ned to him) an Iriſh Hobby,Boyce. on condition, that hee woulde plucke an heare from the Earle hys herde. Boyce taking the proffer at rebound, ſtept to the Earle (with whoſe good nature hee was throughly acquainted) parching in the heate of his choler, and ſayd:

So it is, and if it like youre good Lordſhippe, one of youre Horſemen pro|miſed mee a choyce Horſe, if I ſnippe one heare from your berde. Well quoth the Earle, I a|gree thereto, but if thou plucke anye more than one, I promiſe thee to bring my fyſt from thine care.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The braunche of this good nature hathe bin deriued from him to an Earle of his poſteritie, who beeing in a chafe, for the wrong ſaucing of a Partridge, roſe ſuddaynely from the Table, meanyng to haue reaſoned the m [...]er wyth hys Cooke: hauyng entred into the Kitchen, drownyng in obliuion hys chalenge, hee began to commende the buyldyng of the roome, where|in hee was at no tyme before, and ſo leauyng the Cooke vncontrold, he returned to his gueſts meryly.

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