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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Wherefore, my good Lorde, ſith I may not denye, [...] that the worke is painefull, and I doe forecaſt, that the miſconſtruction may be peril|lous: the toyleſomneſſe of the payne, I referre to my priuate knowledge, the abãdoning of the pe|rill, I committe to your honorable patronage, not doubting thereby, to be ſhielded agaynſt the ſiniſter gloſing of malitious interpretors.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 GIrald Fitz Giralde, Earle of Kildare, ſonne to Thomas Fitz Girald, of whom mention was made in the later ende of the ſecond Booke, a mightie man of ſtature, full of honoure and courage, who had bin Deputie, and Lorde Iu|ſtice of Ireland firſt and laſt,1514 three and thirtie yeares, deceaſſed at Kildare the thirde of Sep|tember, and lyeth entombed in ye chore of Chri|ſtes Church at Dublin, in a Chappell by hym founded.

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