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3.5. ¶ Henrie the fift.

¶ Henrie the fift.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 IN the firſte yere of this king, the .xxv. of Sept.


Iohn Stanley the kings lie [...]tenant in Ire|lande.

landed in Irelãd at Clawcarf, Iohn Stanley the kings lieutenant of that lande. He departed this life the .xviij. of Ianuarie next enſuing, at Athirde in Latine called Atrium de [...]. After his de|ceaſe,Tho. Craule Archbiſhop Dublin. Thomas Crauley Archbiſhop of Dublin was choſen L. iuſtice of Ireland. Ianico de Ar|toys ledde forth a power agaynſte Magynors, EEBO page image 70 a great Lord of Ireland, but neare to a place cal|led Inor many Engliſhmen were ſlaine.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 A Parliament.The morrow after S. Mathias day, a Par|liament began againe at Dublin, which conti|nued for the ſpace of .xv. dayes, in which meane tyme the Iriſhe did muche hurt by inuaſions made into the Engliſh pale, and burning vp all the houſes afore them that ſtoode in theyr way, as their vſuall cuſtome was in tymes of other Par|liaments, wherevpon a tallage was demaunded, but not graunted.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1414In the yeare .1414. the Engliſh men fought with the Iriſh neare to Kilka, and ſlue an hun|dred of the enimies, whileſt the Archbiſhop being Lord Iuſtice in Triſtel Dermote, went in pro|ceſſion with his Cleargie, praying for the good ſpeede of his men and other of the Countrey, that were gone forth to fight with the aduerſaries.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the feaſt of S. Gordian and Epimachus, to wit, the .x. of May, were the Engliſh of Meth diſcomfited by Oconther & his Iriſh, where they ſlue Thomas Maureuar baron of Serin,Engliſh men ſlaine. & there were taken priſoners, Chriſtofer Fleming, Iohn Dardis, & diuers other, beſide many yt were ſlain.

[figure appears here on page 70]

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Iohn Lorde Talbot of Sherfield.On Saint Martins euen, ſir Iohn Talbot of Holomſhire, Lorde Furniuale, landed at Dal|key, the kings lieutenaunt in Irelande, a man of great honour.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1415. in Nouẽber, Robert Tal|bot a right noble man,


Robert Tal|bot deceaſeth.

that walled the Suburbs of Kilkenny, departed this life. Alſo Patrike Ba|ret Biſhop of Fernis deceaſed, and was buried a|mong the Canons at Kenlis.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1416This yeare in the feaſt day of Geruaſius and Prothaſius which falleth on the .xix. of Iune, the Lord lieutenants wife, the Ladie Furniuall was brought to bed at Finglaſſe of a ſonne named Thomas.The Archbi|ſhop of Ard|magh decea| [...]eth. About the ſame time alſo, Stephen Fleming Archbiſhop of Ardmach departed thys life, after whõ ſucceded Iohn Suanig. On ye day of S. Laurence, the Lord Furniuals ſonne Tho. Talbot that was borne at Finglaſſe in Nouẽber laſt paſt, departed this life, and was buried in the Quier of the frier preachers church in Dublyn.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 About the ſame time the Iriſh fel vpõ ye Eng|liſhmen, and ſlue many of them, among other Thomas Balimore of Baliquelan was one.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [...]he Parlia| [...]ent remoued [...] Trim.The Parliament which the laſt yeare had bene called and holden at Dublyn, was this yeare re|moued to Trim, and there began the .xj. of May, where it continued for the ſpace of xj. dayes, in the which was graunted to the lord lieutenant, a ſubſidie in monie.ſubſedie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


[...] Archbi| [...]p of Dublin [...]eaſed.

In the yeare following, the Archebiſhop of Dublyn paſſed ouer into England, and deceaſſed at Faringdon, but his bodie was buried in the new Colledge at Oxforde. This man is greatly prayſed for his liberalitie, [...] prayſe. hee was a good almes man, a great Clearke, a Doctor of Diuinitie, an excellent preacher, a great buylder, beautifull, tall of ſtature, and ſanguine of complexion. He was lxxx. yeares of age when he died, and had gouer|ned the Church of Dublyn in good quiet by the ſpace of twentie yeares.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare, ſhortly after Eaſter, the Lord de|putie ſpoyled the tenants of Henrie Crus,1418 and Henrie Bethat.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Alſo at Olane on the feaſt day of Saint Iohn and Saint Paule, the Erle of Kildare, ſix Chri|ſtofer Preſton, and ſir Iohn Bedlow were arre|ſted and committed to warde within the Caſtell of Trim, bycauſe they ſought to commune wyth the Prior of Kilmaynam.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The xxix. of Iuly, Mathew Huſee Baron of Galtrim deceaſed, and was buried at the Friers preachers of Trim.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeare .1419. a counſell royall was hol|den at Naas,1419 A counſell or Parliament holden. where was graunted to the Lorde Lieutenant a ſubſedie in money.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame yeare vpon Cene Thurſday, O|thoel tooke .400. kine yt belonged vnto Balimore, ſo breaking the peace contrarie to his othe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The fourth Ides of May, Mac Mourch,Mac Murche taken priſoner chief captain of his nation, and of all the Iriſh in Ley|niſter, was taken priſoner, and the ſame day was ſir Hugh Cokeſey made knight.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The laſt of May, the Lord lieutenant, and the Archebiſhop of Dublin with the Maior, razed the Caſtel of Kenini. The morow after the feaſt day of Proceſſus and Martinianus, that is the .xx. of Iune, the lord William de Burgh, & other Eng|liſhmen, ſlue .v. C. Iriſh men, and tooke Okelly.Okelly taken.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 On the feaſt of Marie Magdalene, the Lorde lieutenãt Talbot returned into Englãd, leauing EEBO page image 71 his deputie there the Archbiſhop of Dublin.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare about Saint Laurence day, dy|uerſe went forth of Irelande to ſerue the king in his warres of Normandie,The Prior of Kilmaynam went to ſerue the king [...] Fraunce. as Thomas Butler that was Prior of Kilmaynam, and many other. Iohn Fitz Henry ſucceded the ſaid Butler in go|uernment of the Priorie of Kilmaynam.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Archbiſhop of Dublin that remayned as Lorde Deputie, fiue .xxx. Iriſh men neare vnto Rodiſton. Alſo the .xiij. of Februarie, Iohn Fitz Henry Prior of Kilmaynam departed this life, & Williã Fitz Thomas was choſen to ſucceede in his place, and was confirmed the morrow after Saint Valentines day.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


Iames Butler Earle of Or|mond Lorde Lieutenant.

Iames Butler Erle of Ormond, appointed the kings lieutenant in Ireland in place of Iohn L. Talbot, & Furniual, landed at Waterford about the .iiij Ides of Aprill, and ſhortly after his com|ming ouer, cauſed a combat to be fought betwixt two of his couſins, of whõ the one was ſlain in ye place, and the other caried away ſore wounded.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 On Saint Georges day,A Parliament ſommoned. he held a counſell in Dublin, and ſummoned a Parliament to begin there the .vij. of Iune. In the meane while he fet|ched great booties out of the Countreys of the I|riſh Lordes Oraly, Mac Mahun, & Magynoys. But firſt ere we go further to ſhew what Marlb. hath noted of the doings whileſt this Erle of Or|mond gouerned as the kings lieutenant in Ire|lande, we haue thought good to ſet downe what Campion alſo writeth thereof, as thus:

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 In the red Moore of Athie (the Sunne almoſt lodged in the weſt,Iames Yong an Author al|ledged by Campion. The Sunne ſtayeth his courſe. & miraculouſly ſtanding ſtill in his epicicle by the ſpace of three houres till the feat was accompliſhed, and no hole nor quakmire in all that bog annoying either horſe or mã of his part) he vanquiſhed Omore and his terrible army with a few of his owne meiny, & with the like nũ|ber [figure appears here on page 71] he ouercame Arthur Mac Murrow, at whoſe might & puiſſance al Leyniſter trẽbled. To the in|ſtruction of this mans worthineſſe, the cõpiler of certaine precepts touching the rule of a common welth exciteth his lord the ſaid erle in diuerſe pla|ces of that work incidently, eftſoones putting him in mind that the Iriſh are falſe by kind, yt it were expedient and a worke of charitie to execute vpon them wilfull & malicious tranſgreſſors, the kings lawes ſomwhat ſharply, yt Odempſi being win|ked at awhile, abuſed that ſmall time of ſuffrance to the iniurie of the erle of Kildare, intruding vn|iuſtly vpõ the caſtel of Ley, frõ whence ye ſaid de|putie had iuſtly expelled him, & put the erle in poſ|ſeſſion therof, that notwithſtanding their othes & pledges, they are yet no longer true than they feel themſelues the weaker. This Deputie tamed the Brenes, the Burghs, Mac Banons, Oghaghu|raght, Mores Mac Mahun, all the captaines of Thomõd, & all this he did in three Moneths, the Clergie of Dublin twiſe euery weeke in ſolemne Proceſſion praying for his good ſucceſſe agaynſt thoſe diſordred perſons, which now in euery part of Ireland degenerated from the Engliſh ciuility to their old trade of life vſed in that coũtrey, repy|ned at the Engliſh maner of gouernment. Thus far Cãpion. Diuers parliamẽts vpõ prorogatiõs were holdẽ in time yt this erle of Ormõd was go|uernor. The firſt began at Dublin ye .vij.


The Parliamẽt began.

of Iune in this yere .1420. which cõtinued about .xvj. days At this parliament was granted to the L. lieute|nant a ſubſidie of .vij. C. Marks. At the .xvj. days end, this Parliamẽt was adiourned til the Mon|day after Saint Andrews day. In ye ſame par|liament the debts of the L. Iohn Talbot which were due to certain perſons for vitailes and other things takẽ vp whileſt he was L. lieutenãt there, were reconed vp, which L. Talbot verily for that he ſaw not ye creditors ſatiſfied before his cõming away, was partly euil ſpoken of in the Countrey.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 72The morrow after the feaſt of Simon and Iude,The Caſtell of Colmolin. the Caſtell of Colmolyn was taken by Thomas Fitz Geralde. And on Saint Kathe|rins euen,The Earle of Ormondes ſon and heyre borne. the ſonne and heyre of the Erle of Or|mond Lord Lieutenant was borne, for the which there was great reioyſing,

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the Parliament begon againe at Dublin the Monday after Saint Andrews day, an other ſubſidie of .CCC. markes was graunted vnto the Lord Lieutenant. And after they had ſit .xiij. dayes, it was eftſoones adiourned till the Mon|day after Saint Ambroſe day. Then rumors were ſpred abrode, that Thomas Fitz Iohn Erle of Deſmond was departed this life at Paris vp|pon Saint Laurence day, after whome ſucceded his vncle Iames Fitz Gerald, whom he had three ſeueral times renoũced, as one that was a waſter of his patrimonie, both in England and Ireland, and not like to come to any good proufe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


A Parliament.

In the yeare .1421. the Parliament began a|gaine vpon the laſt prorogation the Monday af|ter Saint Ambroſe day, in which Parliament it was ordeyned that certaine perſons ſhould be ſent to the king, to ſue that a reformation might bee had in matters touching the ſtate of the land. The chiefe of thoſe that were thus ſent, were the Archbiſhop of Ardmagh, & ſir Chriſtopher Pre|ſton knight.The Biſhop of Caſſhell ac|cuſed. Moreouer, Richard Ohedian biſhop of Caſſhell, was accuſed by Iohn Geſe Biſhop of Liſmore and Waterford, who layd .xxx. Articles to his charge. Amongſt other, one was for that he loued none of the Engliſh nation, and that he be|ſtowed not one benefice vpon any Engliſh man, and counſelled other biſhops that they ſhould not beſtow any within their Dioces vpon any Eng|liſh man. Moreouer, an other Article was for counterfeyting the kings ſeale, and an other for that he went about to make himſelf K. of Moũ|ſter, and had taken a ring from the Image of S. Patrike (which the Erle of Deſmond had offred) and giuen it to his lemman. Many other crymes were layd to him, by the ſayd Biſhop of Liſmore and Waterford, which he exhibited in writing.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Alſo in the ſame Parliament, there roſe cõten|tion betwixt Adam Pain biſhop of Clone, & an o|ther prelate whoſe church he would haue annexed vnto his ſee. At length after the Parliament had continued for the ſpace of xviij. days, it brake vp. Herewith came newes of ye ſlaughter of the Lord Tho. of Lãcaſter duke of Clarence, yt had bin L.The Duke of Clarence ſlaine in Fraunce. lieutenant of Ireland, & vpõ the .vij. of May, cer|taine of the Erle of Ormondes men were ouer|thrown by the Iriſh, nere to the Abbey of Leys, & xxvij. Engliſhmen were ſlain there, of whom the chief were two gẽtlemẽ, the one named Purcel, & the other Grant. Alſo .x. were takẽ priſoners, and two .C. eſcaped to the foreſayde Abbey, ſo ſauing themſelues. About the ſame time,Mac Mahun. Mac Mahun an Iriſh lord, did much hurt within the coũtry of Vrgile, by burning and waſting all afore him.

[figure appears here on page 72]

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Alſo vpon the morrow after Midſommer day, the Erle of Ormond Lord lieutenant entred in|to the Countrey about Leys vpon Omordris, & for the ſpace of foure dayes togither did muche hurt in ſleaing and ſpoyling the people, till the I|riſh were glad to ſue for peace.

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