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Fitz Stephans was a man of a large and ſound body, of a right ſeemely countenance, of ſtature ſomwhat exceeding the common ſort, bountifull, liberall, and pleaſant, but giuen to wine and wo|men aboue all meaſure.

Thus much of theſe gentlemen, being accoun|ted among the chiefe of thoſe Captaynes that cõ|quered Ireland. Of Earle Strangbow hath bene ſayde before, of Curcy and Lacie ye ſhall heare partly hereafter.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But now to returne where we left: The firſt attempt that Fitz Aldelme made to the hynde|rance of that progenie,

Maurice Fitz Gerald depar|teth this life.


was agaynſt the ſonnes of Maurice Fitz Gerald, taking occaſion by the de|ceaſſe of the ſame Maurice, who departed this life about the Calendes of September.

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