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Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Earle was of colour ruddye and freck|led, with great eyes, of a feminine vyſage, ſmall voyce, ſhorte necke, of ſtature tall, and a good|ly perſonage, lyberall and curteous, and where ſubſtaunce wanted to ſhewe his franke heart, hee ſupplyed it with gentle wordes, more readie to o|bey than to commaunde. At home more lyke a Souldier than a Captayne, but abrode in the warres he ſhewed himſelfe a Captayne, and not a Souldier. Although he neuer would enterpriſe any exployt of himſelfe without the aduice of o|ther, being once ioyned in fight with his enimies, EEBO page image 37 he ſtoode as an aſſured ſtandard for his people to haue recourſe to, for their ſafetie. And howſoeuer the chance of battail turned he was euer conſtant and ſtable, neyther drowping as one in diſpayre whẽ fortune ſeemed to frown, nor too ioyful whẽ ſhe was diſpoſed to fawne. He left no iſſue behind him in life but one daughter named Iſabell,William Mar|ſhall marieth the daughter of Erle Strang|bow. ma|ried after .xiiij. yeares to William Earle Mar|ſhall.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 After this, the king of Englands Commiſſio|ners perceyuing what eſtimation and opinion the ſouldiers & men of warre had conceyued of Rey|monde,Reymond cõ| [...]ituted the kings lieute|nat. they authoriſed him lieutenaunt, tyll the kings pleaſure therein might be further knowne: and herewith they returned into Englande to in|forme him of the chaunge of things in Irelande by the Earles death. The king throughly infor|med how things ſtoode, ſent William Fitz Al|delme,

W [...]lliam Fitz Aldelme lieu|tenant of Ire|lande.

Iohn Curcy. Williã Cogan

one of his truſtie ſeruants as his lieutenãt into Ireland with .xx. knights, ioyning with him in commiſſion Iohn de Curey, with other tenne knights, alſo Fitz Stephans & Miles Cogã, with xx. knights, which two laſt remembred captaines had ſerued the king right valiauntly in thoſe late ciuil warres, which his ſonnes had reyſed againſt him. Reymond vnderſtãding that they were ar|riued, met them with a braue number of knights, in the borders of Wexford, deliuering all the Ci|ties, townes, & caſtels togither with ſuch hoſtages as he had into Aldelmes hands as the kings lieu|tenant of that kingdome. Fitz Aldelme moued with enuie, to ſee Reymond furniſhed with ſuch a traine of luſtie youthes, he threatned to abate ſuch pride, and to make a ſcatter of thoſe ſhieldes. Frõ that time forth, aſwell he as other lieutenãts of Irelãd that ſucceeded him, ceaſed not (as it had bene by ſome purpoſed conſpiracie) to hinder the good fortune of Reymond,The kinred of Reymond en| [...]yed. Meiller, Fitz Morice, Fitz Gerald, Fitz Stephans, & all that whole ge|neration, although no cankred enuy was able to roote out the plants of ſo plentifull an ofſpring.

Now foraſmuch as we haue to make ſo often mention of Reymond, Meiller, Heruie, Fitz Al|delme, & Fitz Stephans, being chiefe doers in the reducing of Irelãd vnder the Engliſh ſubiection, we haue thought it not impertinent to ſhew what maner of men in perſonages and qualities they were, as Giraldus Cambrenſis doth deſcribe thẽ.

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