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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Reymond not forgetting the Earles promiſe conteined in his letters,Reymonde marieth the Ladie Baſill, ſiſter to Erle Strangbow. would not depart forth of Wexford, till the Ladie Baſill was fetched from Dublyn, and coupled with him in mariage. The [figure appears here on page 34] ſolemnization whereof being finiſhed, vnderſtan|ding that Roderike king of Connagh, hauing vt|terly deſtroyed the Countrey of Meth, had nowe inuaded the confines about Dublin, the morrow after his maryage feaſt, Reymonde with his bandes of men of warre, iſſued forth and marched towardes thoſe parties, wherof Roderike hauing knowledge, withdrew backe into his Countrey.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thoſe parties then once reformed, and the ca|ſtels of Trim,The Caſtels of Trim and Du| [...]els. and Du [...]els being eft ſoones re|payred, that had beene forſaken of Hugh Tirell theyr keeper and deſtroyed, the whole Ile for a time reſted in meetly good quiet. So that the Engliſhe Nobilitie that lay there, had tyme the better to ſettle themſelues, and for more increaſe of ſtedfaſt amity, to match themſelues in mariage according to their degrees.Mariages. Heruey maried Rey|monds ſiſters daughter, whiche Ladie was the daughter of Maurice Fitz Geralde, and by pro|curement of Reymond, the Erle gaue his daugh|ter Alma in mariage vnto Williã the eldeſt ſon of Maurice Fitz Gerald, to which Maurice (be|ing ſente for forth of Wales) the Earle gaue the middle Candred of Ophelan (which he had poſſeſ|ſed before by the kings aſſignment) togither with the caſtel of Guikinlon, to holde the ſame in fee.Wicklowe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Ye muſt here note, that the king of Englãd to aſſure his title to Ireland with a color of further right, procured of Pope Adriã that was an Eng|liſh man borne (as before ye haue heard) bulles of confirmation, to the ende (as the tenor of thoſe bulles ſignified) that he ſhould root out ſuch abu|ſes & euill cuſtomes as were commonly practiſed there among the people, cõtrarie to the order of all Chriſtianitie. And ſo in reforming the ſtate of re|ligion, and reducing the people to liue within the compaſſe of honeſt lawes & more ciuill ordinan|ces, he graunted to him the ſupreme dominion of that land, commanding all the inhabitants therof to receiue him for their ſouerain lord & gouernor.

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