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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 About the ſame time, William Fitz Geralde, father to Reymond,William Fitz Gerald father of Reymond departeth this life. departed this life, and there|fore Reymond returned home into Wales, & in the meane time Heruey eftſoones tooke vpon him to gouerne the men of warre, & brought the Erle with his houſhold vnto Caſſhell. The Citizens of Dublin by appoyntment comming to theyr ayde,Donald of Ly|merike diſ|cõfiteth foure hundred men of Dublyn. and lodging one night in Oſſorie, Donald of Lymerike a prince in that nation not improui|dent about his buſineſſe, early in the morning aſ|ſayling them that thus were come from Dublyn in their lodging, tooke them ſo at vnwares, that he ſlue foure hundred of them, togither wyth foure knights that had the leading of them. By reaſon of this chance, the reſidue of the Iriſh princes toke ſuch courage and boldneſſe, that vp they ſtart in euery corner, tagge and ragge, in purpoſe to ex|pell the Engliſhmen out of the whole Countrey, ſo that the Erle being returned vnto Wa [...]e [...]ford, was kept ſo ſhort, that he durſt vneth peepe out.Rotherike king of Con|nagh. Rotherike king of Connagh paſſing ouer the ry|uer of Sheynyn, with a mightie power inuaded Meth, and finding the caſtels in that Countrey voyde without garde, he brought into aſhes and layd flat with the ground all that he met with by the way, euen hard to the walles of Dublyn.Earle Strang|bow ſendeth for Reymond promiſing him his ſiſter in mariage.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Erle remẽbring how Reymond had bin an earneſt ſufer to his ſiſter Baſill, to haue hir in mariage, & that there was no ſtay but the graunt of his good will, to bring him ouer againe wyth more ſpeede to his ayde, he wrote to him louing letters, with promiſe that if hee woulde make EEBO page image 34 haſt to come, and bring with him ſome power to ſtrengthen his parte agaynſt the Rebelles, hee ſhoulde haue hys ſyſter and all things at hys pleaſure.

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