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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 This Griffin (geſſing by interpretation of his dreame, that ſome ſuch thing would come to paſſe as followed in deede) in tyme of the parley with ſeuen knightes of his lynage, whom he had choſen forth of purpoſe to that effect, withdrewe a part to the backe ſide of the hill (on the whiche they were appoynted to meete and talke togy|ther) were furniſhed with ſhieldes and ſpeares, the ſaid Griffyn and his mates mounted on horſ|backe, exerciſed themſelues in running and tur|neying, after the maner of Fraunce, in whiche meane while Ororike (after they could not agree in talke, but that they grewe to open defiance,) he gaue ſigne to ſuch as he had layde in ambuſh for that purpoſe,A trayterous practiſe. to come forth and help to worke the feate which he had determined before hande to ac|compliſh. And he himſelfe being withdrawen by a certaine ſpace from the ground where they had talked, after his companie was once come forth vnto him, he with his Axe maketh againe to|wardes the place where Hugh Lacie ſtoode, and had ſlaine him vpon the ſodaine, if Maurice Fitz Gerald drawing forth his ſworde had not war|ned him to take heede and to looke about him: and yet ſuch was the violent rage of the traytor, that ſtryking at Lacie, he cut off the arme of one that was interpretour betwixt them, who faythfully thruſt himſelfe betwixt Lacie and the blow. Be|ſide this, ſo fierce were the Iriſh vpon Hugh La|cie, that twice by reaſon of haſt in ſtepping backe he fell, and vneth eſcaped by the helpe of Fitz Ge|rald, who manfully layde about him to beate back the enimies. Herewith no ſmall number of thoſe that brake out of the Ambuſhe came with an hi|deous noiſe, running to the place, that they might make an ende of Lacie and Fitz Geralde, which vndoubtedly they had eaſily done (for by appoint|ment they came to the grounde where they thus talked but with a fewe about them and thoſe vn|armed) if Griffyn with his companions hearing the noyſe and clamour, had not come to the ayde of theyr friendes. But they perceyuing how the game went, came gallopping in vpon the ſpurres with ſuch violẽce that they diſperſed the enimies, and Griffyn with his ſpeare running at Ororike as he was about to haue mounted on horſebacke, ſtroke through both horſe and man,Ororike ſlain. and ſo the diſ|loyall wretch ended his life. Three of his ſer|uants alſo that brought him his horſe, were there ſlaine. The reſidue of the Iriſhe were ſlaine, as they coulde bee ouertaken, being followed by the Engliſh men euen vnto the entrie of the Woods, to the which (being a good way of) they fled ſo faſt as their feéte might beare them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Ororikes head ſent to king Henrie.The head of the king of Methe was ſent o|uer into Englande vnto king Henrie, for a wit|neſſe of that which had chaunced.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Among other, deſeruing great commendation for their manhoode ſhewed in this bickering, one of Fitz Stephans ſonnes named Raufe, was highly commended.

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