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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fourthly, that the landes and poſſeſſions be|longing to the Church,Liberties of the Church. ſhoulde be enfranchiſed of all ſecular exactions, and ſpecially that neyther the Kinges nor Erles, nor anye other Lordes of Irelande nor theyr ſonnes, with theyr fami|lyes ſhoulde demaunde nor preſume to exact vio|lently from thence forth any meate or drinke, or harborrow within the Church poſſeſſions, as they had beene vſed, and that the dyet which had beene exacted foure tymes in the yeare of Churche EEBO page image 31 mennes fermes ſhould not any more be demaun|ded nor anſwered.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Murthers.Fiftly, that for murthers committed when the offender compoũded with the kinſmen of the par|tie dead, Churchmen that were couſins to the of|fender ſhould not be forced to beare any part of the fine, except they were acceſſaries to the offence.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Sixtly,Teſtaments how they ſhoulde be made. that the ſicke ſhould cauſe his teſtamẽt to bee made and read in preſence of credible per|ſons, and if they had wyues, theyr debts and ſer|uantes wages deducted, the reſidue of theyr goods ſhould be deuided into three parts, whereof ye wife was to haue one, the children another, and the thirde to be employed about his funerals, and o|therwiſe as he ſhould appoynt. If he had no law|full iſſue, then his goodes to bee deuided betwixt him and his wife, and if he had children and hys wife deceaſſed, then the ſame to bee deuided be|twixt him and his children.

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