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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king for that cauſe ſeeming highly of|fended agaynſt him at the firſt, dealt verie ſtraitly with him, and ſent him back togither with one of his fellowes to be kept bounde and chained in fet|ters within Reighnaldes tower.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Immediatly hereupon, Dermote or Dermu|cius king of Corke, came to the king of England, and ſubmitting himſelfe to his obeyſance, made his othe of fidelitie, and deliuering pledges for fur|ther aſſurance thereof, couenanted to pay a cer|taine yearely tribute.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The king of England departing from Wa|terford, went to Liſmore,The king de|parteth from Waterford. Donald prince of Limerike ſubmitteth and ſtayed there but two dayes, and frõ thence went to Caſſill where Doualde the Prince of Limerike the morrow af|ter came to him at the Water of Suir, and coue|nanting for a tribute to holde his landes of king Henrie, became his liegeman, vpon good aſſurance by ſolemne oth, and deliuering ſufficient pledges. Theſe and other the Princes of the South partes of Ireland, as Doualde, and Omalaghlen,The kings of Oſſorie ſub|mit them|ſelues. right puiſſant Lordes, and as they were termed kings of Oſſorie, hauing ſubmitted themſelues to king Henrie, and eche of thẽ being ſent home into their countreys with honourable giftes and good enter|teynment, he returned to Waterford,King Henrie returneth to Waterford. cauſing Fitz Stephan to be brought vnto him, and cõſidering the high manhood of that noble Gentleman, and what daungers he had paſſed in aduenturing a|bout the conqueſt of that Countrey,Fitz Stephans reſtored to libertie. he reſtored him to libertie, and through the earneſt fuyte of diuerſe noble men, receyued him into fauor, con|firmed the grauntes made to him by king Der|mote, of Wexforde and the Canthredes adioy|ning, taking from him onely the towne of Wa|terford, and the appurtenances.

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