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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In this meane while, there landed at Wex|ford,Maurice Fitz Gerald landed at Wexforde. Maurice Fitzgerald, with .x. knightes .xxx. Eſquires, and an hundred good bowmen. Here|vpon K. Dermote greatly encouraged, purpoſed with all ſpeede to ſeeke his reuenge againſte them of Dublin, that had ſhewed themſelues great e|nimies diuers wayes, both to him and his father. He aſſembled therefore his power togither, and marched toward Dublin, whileſt Fitz Stephen remayned two miles from Wexforde, where on the height of a Rocke called Karreck, hee built a Caſtell. But Fitzgerald with the Engliſh army went foorth with King Dermote againſte Du|blin, hauing the chiefe conduct of all the whole enterpriſe. They ſo beſturred them, that all the territorie about the Citie, and the countreys ad|ioyning, were in manner brought to vtter ruine, with ſpoyle, ſlaughter, and fire, in ſomuche, that the towneſmen of Dublin,Dublin ſub|dued. perceyuing in what daunger they ſtoode, ſubmitted them ſelues, and put in good ſuretie for their loyall demeanor in time to come.

When Dublin and the Countrey about were thus recouered and reduced to their former ſub|iection,Variance be|twixt the Mo|nark and the king of Ly|merike. there fell out variance betwixt Rodorike the Monarke, and Dunenald King of Limerik. To whoſe ayde his father in lawe Dermote ſent Fitz Stephans with his power, by whoſe high prowes, Roderike in diuers conflictes was put to the worſt, and forced to withdrawe home into his countrey with diſhonor.

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