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Compare 1587 edition: 1 At length yet as Maiſter VVoulfes vſe vvas to imparte to me all ſuche helpes as he might at any hande procure for my fur|therance, in the collections of the other Hiſtories, vvherevvith I ſpecially dealte, his happe vvas to light alſo vpon a copie of tvvoo Bookes of the Iriſhe Hiſtories, compi|led by one Edmond Campion, fellovv ſomtime of S. Iohn Baptiſts Colledge in Ox|forde, very vvell penned certenly, but ſo briefe, as it vvere to be vviſhed that occaſion had ſerued him to haue vſed more leyſure, and thereby to haue deliuered to vs a lar|ger diſcourſe of the ſame Hiſtories: for as he himſelfe confeſſeth, hee had not paſte tenne vveekes ſpace to gather his mater: a very ſhorte time doubtleſſe for ſuche a peece of vvorke. But hovve breefe ſo euer I founde him, at the perſuaſion of Mai|ſter VVoulfe, vpon the hauing of that copie, I reſolued to make ſhift to frame a ſpe|ciall Hiſtorie of Irelande, in like maner as I had done of other Regions, follovvyng Campions order, and ſetting dovvne his ovvne vvordes, excepte in places vvhere I had mater to enlarge that (out of other Authours,) vvhich he had vvritten in briefe: and this I haue thought good to ſignifie, the rather for that I eſteeme it good dealing in no vviſe to defraude him of his due deſerued prayſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But novv after I had continued the Hiſtorie, and enlarged it out of Giraldus Cam|brenſis, Flatsbury, Henry of Marleburgh, and other, till the yeare. 1509 in vvhich that famous Prince Henry the .viij. began his reigne, ſome of thoſe that vvere to be|ſtovv the charges of the Impreſſion, procured a learned Gentleman Maiſter Richard Stanyhurſt, to continue it from thence forvvarde as he ſavv occaſion, being furniſhed vvith mater to enlarge the vvorke, vvhereof for thoſe later times I founde my ſelfe vtterly voyde, more than that vvhiche Campion had deliuered. VVhat I haue done herein, your Honours diſcretion ſhall eaſily cõceyue. For the imperfection ſith it is EEBO page image 573 the firſt that hath bene ſet forth in Printe, I craue moſt humbly pardon of your good Lordſhippe, beſeeching you rather to reſpect my good vvill than the perfectneſſe of the vvorke, vvhiche the vvantes conſidered for the orderly furniſhyng thereof, is not to be looked for in the skilfull, muche leſſe in me the meaneſt of all, and leaſt able to performe it. Hauing preſented the right Honorable the Erle of Leyceſter vvith the Hiſtorie of Scotlande, to vvhome (as I haue hearde) Campion made Dedication of his booke, I coulde not remember me to vvhome I might more conueniently offer this my trauell in this Hiſtorie of Ireland, than to your Lordſhip, being hir Maieſties Lieutenant in that Realme. And therfore in moſt humble vviſe I exhibite the booke to your Honour, beſeeching the ſame to beare vvith my bolde attempt therein, and to receyue it in good parte from him that vviſhed to haue more amplie ſatisfied your good Lordſhippes expectation, if abilitie might haue anſvvered good vvill.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus I beſeech the Lorde to guyde your harte in his holy vvayes, and to furniſh you vvith politike prudence and skilfull knovvledge, to gouerne in your eſtate and office, ſo as your doyngs may redounde to his glorie, the ſuretie of hir Maieſties do|minion there, your ovvne aduancement in Honour, and conſequently to the ſure ſupporte and peaceable quietneſſe of the true and loyall ſubiectes of that Realme.

Your honours moſt humble to commaunde, RAPHAEL HOLINSHED.

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