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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In this meane time the Laird of Grange then Capitayne of the Caſtell, and Prouoſt of the towne of Edenburgh,A Proclama|tion. cauſed Proclamation to be made, that all thoſe inhabitantes whiche were not willing to take parte with him in his doyngs, ſhould departe out of the towne, wher|vpon many of them departed thence, togither with theyr wiues and children, and tooke with them alſo ſuche goodes as they coulde ſecretely conuey, & cõming to Leith, offered theyr ſeruice vnto the Regent, who thankfully accepted theyr offer, and ſo they remayned at Leith, ſeruing a|gainſt the cõtrary factiõ vpõ their own expẽces.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After this,The [...] of the Laird Grange. the Laird of Grange vnderſtan|dyng that reporte had bene made by ſome of the Kings parte, that he was a traytour to the king and an enimy to his countrey, offered the com|batte to any that would iuſtifie the ſame: which beyng aduertiſed to them within Leith, diuers Gentlemen were deſirous to vndertake the cha|lenge, but the Regent graunted it to the Laird of Garliſch, beyng a Stewarde,The Laird Garllich. and his Kin|neſman, who had earneſtly requeſted it, where|vpon after diuers meſſages by Heraultes ſente too and fro betwixte them, the tyme and place was appoynted, but the matter wente not for|warde, excuſe beyng made on the behalfe of the Laird Grange, that by reaſon of the charge which was committed to him, it was not thought conuenient that hee ſhoulde hazarde the whole cauſe vpon his owne perſon.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Shortly after, there came out of France one Iohn Cheſeholme,Iohn Cheſe|holme. who was ſente with money to the Laird of Grange for the payment of his Souldiers: he brought with him alſo a certaine quãtitie of powder and three hundred ca [...]uers. Vpon his entring into the water of Fourth, and comming vp the ſame, he learned how the Re|gent was in Leith, whervpõ he lãded at Brent yland, and afterwardes for feare hid himſelf be|twixte twoo clifes of a rocke, not farre from the Queenes ferie: but at length he was foũd out by the Abbot of S. Combes Inche, and deliuered to the Regent at Leith, in which towne the ſaid Regent lay aboue two moneths, vſing ſundry meanes, aſwell by practiſe & policie, as by force to haue taken the towne of Edenburgh. In the meane time ſundry ſkirmiſhes chanced betwixt them, & diuers pryſoners were taken on eyther part. At length the Regent cauſed a Parliamẽt to be ſummoned, appointing the ſame to be hol|den at Sterling the .xxij.A Parliament ſummoned. of Auguſt nexte enſu|ing. And when that day approched, he lefte the Lord Lindſey at Leith in charge, as his Lieute|nant to gouerne the towne, and all the men of warre appointed to remaine in garde therof, and repayred himſelfe vnto Sterling, where at the prefixed day there aſſembled the Erles of Mor|ton, Mar, Crafore, Sotherlãd, Mottos, Eglen|ton, Glencarne, the Lordes Ruthuen, Glamis, Methuen, Sunple; Ogiltree, and Catcart, with many Lairdes and Gentlemenne.

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