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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 After this, the Regent ſummoned a Par|liament to beginne at Edenburgh the .xiiij.A Parliament ſummoned. of May nexte enſuyng, & paſſed from Sterlyng to Lithquho, where the Earle of Morton with the reſte of the Cõmiſſioners for the kings part, beyng returned out of Englande with other of the Nobilitie m [...]tte the Regent, and then they paſſed towards Edẽburgh, where they thought to haue bene receyued, and ſo to haue kepte the Parliament there, but they were not ſuffered to enter that towne nor yet the Caſtell,The caſtell of Edenburgh kept by the land of Grãge againſt the Regent. the ſame beyng defended agaynſt them by the Laird of Grange, who after the death of the Earle of Murrey, was reuolted from the Kings parte to the Hamiltons ſide, and had fortified bothe the towne and Caſtell, ſo that the Regent and Nobilitie beyng kepte out there, helde theyr Parliament in the Cannogate ſtreete within the Suburbes of the towne, where ſundry of the Queenes parte were forfalted.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This beyng done, and ſundry ſkirmiſhes had with them that iſſued foorth of the towne a|gaynſte them without, the Regent returned to Sterlyng there to remayne for a ſeaſon.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In this meane time the Earle of Morton hauing certaine ſtuffe come foorth of Englande by ſea, and brought to lande at Leith, ſente the Laird of Carmichell with his houſeholde ſer|uants, and twoo hundred ſhotte,The laird of Carmichell. to fetche the ſame from thence vnto Dalkith, bryng a fiue myles diſtant from Leith. At theyr returne with the ſtuffe, they were ſet vpon by the Earle of Huntley, and the Lorde Hume, who iſſued out of Edenburgh with their power, ſo that be|twixte them there was a very hoate ſkirmiſhe,The Erle of Huntley and Lord Hume put to flight. but in the ende the Earle of Huntley, and the Lord Hume were conſtreyned to flee, and were purſued by Carmichell and his company euen vnto the gates of Edenburgh, ſome of theyr menne beyng ſlayne and other taken pryſo|ners.

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