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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The reporte of the winnyng of this Caſtell was ioyfull to the Townes and Countries a|boute, which before had bene a cõtinuall ſcourge to them, by reaſon that the Souldiers that kept it woulde iſſue out at ſundry times, robbyng ſpoyling and carying away the commodities of the inhabitants thereaboutes, aſwell by land as by water.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [...]e Lady [...]ng ho| [...]y in| [...].The Regent dealt very honorably with the Ladie Flemming, ſuffryng hir to departe away with all ſuche plate and Iewels, as appertey|ned eyther to hyr or to hyr huſband. He graun|ted alſo a ſaufeconduct vnto Monſieur de Ve|rack, to paſſe homewardes through the coun|trey, but the Archbiſhoppe of Saint Androwes was ſent pryſoner to Sterlyng. The ſpoyle of the goodes founde in the Caſtell was giuen to the Souldiers that ventured ſo daungerouſly to atchieue ſo highe an enterpryce, brynging it to the wiſhed effect by policie with ſo litle bloud|ſhed as deſerueth perpetuall remembraunce.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The day next enſewing beyng the fourth of Aprill, the Regent appoynted Iohn Cunnin|gham Laird of Drumwhaſſell, a man of good ſeruice, and ſeruaunt to the Regent to be Ca|pitayne of that Caſtell, and leauyng him there|in, departed to Sterlyng, where he cauſed the Archbiſhoppe of Saint Androwes to be exami|ned vpon certayne Articles, aſwell touchyng the murder of the late King Henry, as alſo for the death of the Earle of Murrey the late Re|gent, at what time there came in a Prieſt with|out compulſion of any, as hath bene ſayde, and before the Regent declared, that one Iohn Ha|milton beyng in extreeme ſickneſſe vnder con|feſſion, tolde him that the Biſhoppe did ſende him with three others to the murther of the King.The Archbi+ſhop of S. An| [...]owes execu| [...]ed. And as touching the murther of the Erle of Murrey, the Biſhoppes anſwere was, that hee mighte haue letted it if hee woulde: there|with the people that hearde him, cryed away with him, hang him, and ſo for theſe and o|ther offences, for the whiche he had bene forfal|ted afore that tyme, he was nowe executed on a Gibette, ſette vp in the market place of Ster|lyng towne.

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