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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Souldiours of the Caſtell perceyuing theyr Captayne fledde, and the Caſtell poſſeſ|ſed by the enimies, yeelded themſelues, and were pardoned. There were taken within the Caſtell the Archbiſhoppe of Saint Andrewes, Monſieur de Viracke a Frenchman, ſente thy|ther by the French King, alſo the Lady Flem|ming, wife to the Lorde Flemming, and Iohn Flemming, Laird of Boghall, and Iohn Hall,Iohn Hall. an Engliſhman, being partner of a new inten|ded conſpiracie in England, as was after pro|ued agaynſte hym, for the whyche hee was arreigned, condemned, and executed at London, (as in the Engliſhe hiſtorie appea|reth.) The thirde of Aprill, beeyng the mor|rowe after that Dunbretaine was thus ſtraungelye wonne, the Regente came EEBO page image 515 thither, and entred the ſame, where hee calling the Capitaines and Souldiers togither cauſed them with him to kneele down vpõ their knees, & to giue to God humble thankes for their good ſucceſſe in that enterprice, brought to paſſe ra|ther by the prouidence of God than otherwiſe, ſithe the Caſtell ſeemed to all thoſe that knewe it impoſſible in maner to be wonne, [...]ong fi| [...] of the [...] of Dum| [...]ne. by reaſon of the great heyght of the rocke, and the ſtrange ſituation, beyng enuironed almoſte rounde a|boute with the water of Clide on the one ſide, and the water of Leuin on the other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The reporte of the winnyng of this Caſtell was ioyfull to the Townes and Countries a|boute, which before had bene a cõtinuall ſcourge to them, by reaſon that the Souldiers that kept it woulde iſſue out at ſundry times, robbyng ſpoyling and carying away the commodities of the inhabitants thereaboutes, aſwell by land as by water.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [...]e Lady [...]ng ho| [...]y in| [...].The Regent dealt very honorably with the Ladie Flemming, ſuffryng hir to departe away with all ſuche plate and Iewels, as appertey|ned eyther to hyr or to hyr huſband. He graun|ted alſo a ſaufeconduct vnto Monſieur de Ve|rack, to paſſe homewardes through the coun|trey, but the Archbiſhoppe of Saint Androwes was ſent pryſoner to Sterlyng. The ſpoyle of the goodes founde in the Caſtell was giuen to the Souldiers that ventured ſo daungerouſly to atchieue ſo highe an enterpryce, brynging it to the wiſhed effect by policie with ſo litle bloud|ſhed as deſerueth perpetuall remembraunce.

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