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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame time alſo the Earle of Eglenton layd his hande in alſo to appeare and aunſwere in like ſort, and as well the one as the other ac|cording to their aſſurance giuen, appeared at the day appointed, but yet not agreeing to ſuch articles as were required of them, they were both committed to priſon, the one in the Ca|ſtell of Dunbretayne,

The Earles of Caſsils and Eglenton committed towarde.

A truce for twenty dayes.

and the other in the Ca|ſtell of Downe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Afterwardes there was a truce taken be|tweene the Regent and the Hamiltons, and their adherentes for twenty dayes, viz. vntill the laſt of March, whiche truce once ended, the Regente determined with hymſelfe to giue an attempte to the Caſtell of Dunbretayne, which had bin long kepte by the Lorde Flemming a|gainſte the King, and the Earle of Murrey, late Regente, who hadde beſieged it for the ſpace of halfe a yeare or more, but coulde not by any meanes compaſſe to winne it but nowe the firſte of Aprill, the truce being then expired, the Regent going forwarde with his purpoſe, cauſed all the paſſages round about the Coun|trey to be ſtopped, as well by land as by water, and the ſame night ſente thytherwarde Cap|tayne Crafort, and Captayne Hume, with an hundred Souldiers, choſen out for the purpoſe, who the ſeconde of Aprill, aboute foure of the clocke in the morning, came to the Caſtell, where the Souldiers with ladders, ropes, and other deuiſes, found meanes to climbe vppe the Rocke, whiche is of an exceeding great heigth, and ſo with greate paine and more daunger, at length gote vp to the wall of the Caſtell, ſtan|ding vpon the heigth of the Rocke, to the which wall they reared vp a ladder,The Ca [...] Dunbre [...] taken by policy. by the whiche en|tred firſte one Ramſey, enſigne bearer to Cap|taine Crafort, and leaping ouer the wall, was ſtraight wayes aſſayled by three of the watch|men, of the whiche hee ſlewe one: and a Soul|diour named Wederborne that followed him, beeyng the ſecond that entred, ſlewe another of them. The thirde of thoſe watchmen was alſo ſlayne, as hee was aboute to flee from them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Heerewith Captayne Craforte and Cap|tayne Hume gote ouer the wall,Captayne Crafort and Captayne Hume. and entring the Caſtell with the reſt of their Souldiers, ſtroke vp the drumme, cryed a Derneley, beeing their watch worde, and ſeaſing vpon the ordi|nance, manned the ſame.

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