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Compare 1587 edition: 1 They were in all aboute three hundred, of which number .xxxj. of the chiefeſt were execu|ted.Execution. Some of them had borne armes agaynſte the King before that tyme, and had bin pardo|ned, and therefore were nowe thoughte by the Regent and his friendes the more worthy to die. After this, the Regent returned to Striue|ling, and from thence paſſed to the Caſtell of Downe, and beſieged it,The Caſtell of Downe yeelded. beeing kepte by the ſer|uaunts of the Lorde of S. Colmes Inch, who yeelded it to the Regent after three dayes ſiege.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 During the time of the Regents being there, he ſent one of his ſeruants called Iohn Moone, with letters into Englande, directed to the Q. of Englands Counſell, who for his ſecret prac|tiſing and conference had with ſuche as were e|nimies to the King and Regente before his de|parture out of Scotland, and for receyuing of their letters to be conueyd alſo, and heerewyth diſcouering ſundry ſecretes to them the whych were committed to his credite and truſt, he was apprehended, and the ſame letters which he had ſecretely receyued beeing founde vpon him, and the matters aforeſaid being proued againſt him he was executed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 About the ſame time the Erle of Morton,Commiſsio|ners ſent in|to England. the Abbot of Dunfermeling, and Iames Ma|gil, Clearke of the Regiſter, wer ſent into En|gland Commiſſioners, vpon the Kings partie the Biſhop of Roſſe, the Abbot of Kilwinning, and the Lord Leuingſtõ, appointed for the Q. then being in Englãd. In Ianuary following, the Regent then beeing at Edenburgh, Claude Hamilton, one of the Duke of Chatelleraultes ſonnes entred the houſe of Paſlay, then beeyng kepte by the ſeruantes of the Lord Simpil,Paſlay taken and kept by Clawde Ha|milton. and ſeazing vpon all things which he there found as ſtoode with his pleaſure, hee fortifyed the houſe with men, munition, and vittayles, ſuch as he could get either in the towne of Paſlay, or neere thereabouts. The Regent aduertiſed therof, re|paired thither with a power in all ſpeedy wiſe,The Regent beſiegeth Paſlay. and layd ſiege to the houſe. They within ſewed EEBO page image 514 for a truce whiche was graunted to them for the ſpace of ſixe dayes, the better to aduiſe of their owne eſtate, which tearme being expired, Proclamation was made by the Regent, that if they would yeeld the houſe, ſo many of them as had not borne armes before ye time againſte the King and Regent, ſhoulde haue their lyues ſaued, the reſt to remaine at the Regents plea|ſure.

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